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This Year I Promise To Try

Last year, I didn’t even try to do or be anything. For the most part, I settled. I accepted where I was, what I did, what my everyday looked like. I didn’t have aims to be anything or anybody. I didn’t call the shots and I just went where people dragged me. It was both exhausting and uplifting, good and bad. 

Now I want to know myself better and do more things for me. This year, I won’t promise to be this or that, do this or that, but I will promise to try

I promise to try, and be kinder and less judgmental. To see things from both perspectives before I come to a conclusion. To speak with grace despite my disagreement. To not humiliate others despite their lack of knowledge. 

To minimize my consumptions by knowing what I currently own. To embrace the value of things and not be easily swayed by sales and marketing strategies. 

To minimize my consumption through different mediums whether it be clothes, food, even social media. It might be a little difficult with social media since it’s where I share my stories. At the least, I promise to try and be more conscious of my consumption and what I do online. 

To make the most of my days by getting rid of the trivial many to make space for the vital few. To review what needs to be done at the moment for me to maximize my hours. To not be led by impulse decisions and always find the why in everything I do (for me to know if what I’m planning to do is actually important or not). 

To celebrate my little discoveries and honor what works for me. To respect what I feel is most essential to me rather than ride on every trend out there. To stand my ground when I don’t like a method, yet respect when others don’t sit well with my own. 

To make time for the most important things and actually not panic about time. To understand that sometimes time is an illusion, and we just gotta do what we need to do. 

To honor people’s wishes as long as it doesn’t clash with mine. To understand even if it clashes with mine. 

To be more helpful and less self-serving. To acknowledge when I need to stretch myself for the convenience of others. 

Yet to put myself first, as necessary

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