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This Spontaneous Saturday | CBTL x Ramen Nagi

Blissful. It’s how I feel right now.

I am blissful because I had a really good day today. I wasn’t expecting it and I wasn’t planning it but it happened and for that, I’m grateful. I do not write weekly or daily updates of my life now. Way back when I was still on Tumblr, I was fond of writing daily entries just to share what happened to my day regardless if it’s mundane or festive. Now as a part of rebranding my blog, I’ve come to realise that I need to be more specific with my blog and I have to somehow get rid of my spontaneity. Until now I try to carefully plan my blog posts, but not tonight. 

I’m happy with how things transpired, clearly. I woke up a little groggy, willing myself to get up from the bed despite wanting to catch up on sleep. But I remembered that I didn’t work last night so I had to make up for it this morning. Amidst the household chores and the lack of Internet connection, I found a way to make things work – literally and figuratively.

After breakfast, I went ahead and made a beeline for the bathroom and mentally prepared myself for the busy day ahead while at it. I know that I work lighter on Saturdays but I wanted to write a good article, still. I packed my bag and had the longest jeepney ride I could remember. Once in my go-to coffee shop, I found a spot and settled down. My gut feel told me to message Pacres, a good friend. For the longest time, he kept bugging me about a milkshake treat and I sensed that he was available today. I took the opportunity and asked him to buy tickets for the Vibrant Music and Paint Festival and a copy of Time Magazine with Duterte on the cover. We were talking on Facebook at this time. He showed me pictures of the magazine stands and told me that there were no copies of Time anymore so I became a little sad, but at least he got the tickets!

I just worked while waiting for him and when he arrived, he handed me a copy of the magazine. You guys, he’s the best. <3 By now, I can finally say that I do like surprises. The more mundane it is, the more I appreciate it. I’m not very fond of grand gestures because I prefer it simple and candid, and because big surprises might only disappoint me. Anyway, we chatted away while I worked and boy was editing an article while talking to someone so stressful but also so worth it. After hours of exchanging words, revealing secrets, and agreeing to so many things, we decided to have dinner before parting ways.

Dinner was lovely. I enjoyed the food, the conversations, and the banters. It was the best date I had with the opposite sex in a while. We walked around some more until I had to leave him with another friend while I made my way home.

I love the fact that I no longer have to cram with work the next day and I can enjoy my Sunday. On top of that, I’m actually planning to workout in the morning. Sometimes having an early closing time in the gym is a motivation to go as early as I could.

I may not be able to share every bit of my day, but I have other social media platforms to remind me of today. To cap this off, I am every inch greateful.

Spread light and love,


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