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The Sunday Currently | Vol. 7


It’s a few minutes past 10 PM as I type this and I’m not yet even preparing for bed because I want to cherish what happened today, but instead of doing a day blog post, I just decided to share some things about my day in another The Sunday Currently volume.

Reading Remembering/Rethinking EDSA (Edited by JPaul S. Manzanilla and Caroline S. Hau)

Writing The Sunday Currently, a Pinterest article for a freelance work, and some drafts in my blog post. 😀

Listening To Jason Derulo’s Want To Want Me. WHY AM I SO IN LOVE WITH J. DERULO YOU GUYS <3

Thinking How life is much happier when you surround yourself with people who resonate with you and can generally make your life easier just with their mere existence

Smelling I’m bad at smelling, so nope, not smelling anything right now, although I can still recall the smell of the peanuts from my bus ride earlier this evening. It was a bit nice, a bit overwhelming.

Wishing I had more time to spend out with friends.. and that I had more friends to spend time with. LOL. I’m starting to realize how important socializing is to keep one sane.

Hoping I could diligently read this EDSA book I just bought, at least a couple of hours a week. It’s too juicy to just let it accumulate dust in my bedstand. To be fair, any book is too substantial to be ignored.

Wearing A green tanktop from Surplus shop and my *signature* boxer shorts

Loving TODAY! I had so much fun spending almost my entire day with Clarisse, talking about life and love in general, appreciating quirky cafe interiors, and getting lost in books, all before ending the night with a random playlist of songs with my mom. I love the fact that our slow Internet connection last night was a blessing in disguise this morning (I was able to catch up on my blog reads) and no one really pissed me off that much today. LOL.

Wanting Food allowance for my upcoming coffee shop trips when my 3G fails me during work

Needing A stable Internet connection, money, and motivation to work

Feeling Sore from my gym session yesterday afternoon and my throat hurts from talking too much earlier. I guess a lack of social life had its downside, too, like not talking much. Haha. Oh and, sleepy. Yes.

Clicking On this blog post, Facebook messenger, Spotify, random websites for work and leisure

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