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The Sunday Currently | Vol. 11

Wow, this is unbelievable. Had I not blogged Life Lately last night, I wouldn’t have had anything in between my TSC series. This is ridiculous. I’m not sure what I’m waiting for – I better dust off my drafts and work on my blog posts. But because I have a lot of feelings tonight, let’s rush into this TSC Vol. 11 before my laptop dies on me. 

Reading or wanting to read other blogs because it’s about time I stop being selfish with my time and actually be updated with other people’s lives. After all, blogging is not just about venting out online – it’s about building a community, sharing your experiences with fellow bloggers, and growing together as a family. Naks, daming alam

Writing just this Sunday Currently because I just finished with work like 30 minutes ago. Woot woot! Oh wait, I’m also writing a blog post on work tips for young creatives like me and I have an entire blog post written on my notebook, I just have to transfer everything to WordPress. It’s been sitting there for weeks now. :-/ In other news, I’m thinking of doing a vlog for a change, but how.. Camera, mic, editing skills, where are they? *crickets*

(Pahabol while I was already on “hoping”, I’m currently writing a blog post on Freelancing Myths. I hope you’re interested with that one.)

Listening to nothing actually! I’m not listening to any music when I was supposed to; the main point I turned off the TV set. Hmm.

Thinking nothing in particular, which is odd, because I’m always thinking about something. Wait, I just thought, is it even normal to do a TSC volume in the evening? Like, is there a standard time for this, like first thing in the morning or around afternoon? I will never know.

Smelling I wish I were smelling lavender candles or delicious food, but nah. None of that for me.

Wishing my calves DOMS would go away by tomorrow. It’s irritating, painful, and such a hassle. Why did I even lift with my ego, can somebody lecture me right now? Lesson learned: don’t ever lift 25 lbs. on both sides again when your calf raises are rusty and you know you can use some warm up.

Hoping the same thing I’m wishing for. Also hoping that I get paid by this week. The only thing stopping me from buying stuff is I literally have no money to spend with. LOL. Freelancing makes you hustle hard, and you’ll be damned if 15 falls on a Sunday because that means you’re a few days late of being financially rewarded, and then you have to process everything for a few more days because PayPal.

Wearing a tank top and gym shorts because I want to sleep cute tonight.

Loving the fact that I was able to finish 2 articles for work (one I submitted last night and the other a few minutes ago) even though I kinda rushed it – didn’t compromise the quality, though! It makes me feel accomplished knowing that I don’t have to deal with backlog articles and I can start anew this week.

Wanting this calves soreness gone. Seriously, guys, now that I’ve thought about it, I’d rather have sore thighs than sore calves. It’s the most irritating thing ever. I’ve been walking on my toes since this morning with my knees bent, so I look pretty retarded. I can’t even straighten my legs (especially my knees) – it’s that painful. I’d rather wince every time I have to squat and pee than walk like I just stepped on thumbtacks. To give you a clearer picture, it’s like cramps that lasted for 24 hours. How about that?

Needing a warm soak thingy for my calves. It’s that sore, guys. No joke.

Feeling depressed because of my calves. Yeah, I actually just wrote this Sunday Currently to complain about my calves because I’m that kind of person.

Clicking Just this TSC! I swear I have to stop writing this and put something more substantial to the table. It’s becoming saddening to see my recent blog posts full of TSC volumes. It’s like being busy not really being productive. *coughs*

So I may be a little late with this one, but how was your weekend? Anything nice happened? Do share them!

Stay golden,

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