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The Sunday Currently | 6th


I don’t really focus on blog series since I don’t have much, but this is just my 6th Sunday Currently volume, like, really?!

Anyway, Shane and I were supposed to go out but I realized we actually can’t because everyone else is leaving and we can’t leave the house unattended. I know, what are keys for, right? But I guess I grew up having a mindset that you can’t leave just like that and everyone should coordinate their schedules so at least one person would be home to keep guard.

That said, here’s an addition to my Sunday Currently blog posts because it’s a quick one and I’m basically just bumming around.

Reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Writing just this Sunday Currently blog post

Listening to cars just passing by our house, the sound of the electric fan, and my excessively loud tapping on the keyboard

Thinking why I’m so hard to deal with when I’m PMS-ing

Smelling nothing in particular

Wishing I had piles of junk food and comfort food beside me right now

Hoping I wasn’t so fat and I’d stop feeling so bad about my body and myself in general

Wearing a gray tank top and boxer shorts

Loving the simple fact that I’m not sweating buckets on a pretty warm Sunday afternoon

Wanting legit, good comfort food

Needing food. I’m so hungry but I’m not in the mood to be human today

Feeling hungry. I just want food, man.

Clicking nothing. My phone’s wifi is turned off and I have nothing significant to browse online.

You’d think that I’m so productive for being able to blog on a Sunday afternoon, but it just means that I have nothing better to do.

Thanks for reading anyway.


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