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The Bae Blogs x Summer Babe Birthday Giveaway!

Hi, guys!

This week, me (June 7) and Aneth of Summer Babe (June 8) will be celebrating our birthdays and we want to celebrate them by hosting a giveaway for everyone especially for those who read and support our blogs. We’ve been in the blogosphere for quite a few years now and we want to thank our readers for sticking with us throughout the years. We will be giving away stuff that you’ll definitely love so please don’t hesitate to join if you’re residing here in the Philippines, okay?

We are giving away two (2) books and two (2) lipsticks of your choice (choose from 6 different books and lipsticks!) and one (1) The Dream Shirt canvas bag with a design of your choice. The giveaway runs from June 6 to 20, 2016, and Aneth and I will choose one (1) winner a day after the giveaway ends. You can join the giveaway through the Rafflecopter widget below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Please take note that we will choose the winner who followed all the instructions. If one instruction is not followed, your entry will be invalid.

Choose 2 from these books:

Choose 2 from these lipsticks:

Choose 1 from these designs or create your own design:


Here’s a quick bonus on the prizes. We’re also giving away a copy of Viviene’s e-book From Depressed to Determined: A 6 Step Guide to Thrive and Have Personal Success”.

From a personal standpoint, a case of depression comes close to my heart. I am not going through that same chronic illness but I personally know a few who are. It’s a tiring battle, and you may not be depressed yourself, but reading this e-book from Viviene could help you save a life. Aneth and I decided to add this prize at the last minute to help out a friend and to spread awareness.

While at it, you might also want to visit Viviene’s Facebook page, The Fulfilled Women, and give it a thumbs up. Don’t worry, this is not part of the mechanics. Your participation will still be valid regardless of the “like” or lack of. 🙂

The winner will be e-mailed by Viviene herself to provide a copy of her e-book.

Important notes:

  • Again, giveaway runs from June 6 to 20 (11:59 PM), 2016.
  • You must be a resident of the Philippines to join.
  • If the chosen winner lives within Metro Manila, Aneth and I can set a meet up to give the winner the prizes. If not, we’ll ship the prizes to the winner.
  • Please use #HBDBaexAneth as the official hashtag so we can easily track your giveaway tweet entries. Don’t forget to make your Twitter accounts public to make your social media entry count!

Good luck, everyone!

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  • Ochi Bernadas

    How long have you been my reader now?
    I actually just discovered your blog through Aneth!But I’ve been reading past posts since around 11AM, lol.

    What do you like about my blog?
    I love the way you write, very organized. When I was reading your About Me section, I appreciate that you take some time to explain all your blog categories! I also love the fitness category, hihi.

    I’m also a fan of really good blog designs and I’m a fan of your theme! The text is organized and each photo is placed properly. I’m jealous. I’m struggling with this on my blog! Haha

    (I would really prefer honest answers for questions 2-3 so I’d know how I can improve my blog. It can be anything from the graphics to the content, or anything else)
    Maybe less categories? I was reading under the Beauty category earlier and then saw another lipstick category and then another on your Mac lipstick, hehe. Just that, everything else looks good.

    What is your favorite blog post or blog series and why?
    I love your Travel series and Life Lately! I also do life lately and it’s always a great peek into the personal lives of the bloggers I follow. I also love that you incorporate personal photos and not stock photos, hehe.

    PS I also love the multi-colored links. 🙂

    What is your birthday wish for me?
    More time with Shane and less LDR moments! I also wish you all the best in your fitness journey!

    Lastly, what is your greatest aspiration in life?
    Be content and fulfilled with whatever I have and hope to achieve in the future. ?


      Oh, wow. Thank you so much, Ochi! If not for Aneth, I wouldn’t have gained more readers. Lol. I owe it to her!

      Thank you for appreciating the fitness category! It’s my love and passion, it even comes before blogging! And hey, if you need tips here and there, I’m happy to lend a helping hand (if I haven’t blogged about them yet)! And don’t be jealous about my theme! Haha! I worked hard on it and I’m sure you’d be able to achieve your blog theme goals, too! I just require a lot of patience and perseverance. I agree about the categories. I haven’t fixed those yet as I’m still getting the hang of using Thanks for reminding me, though! I will fix that soon!

      I believe my Life Lately blog posts contain the rawest form of writing I have on my blog. When I write an LL blog post, it means life’s been pretty intense lately. Now you know! Haha. And yes, I try to use my own photos as much as I can. It can be hard, though! Sometimes I tend to repeat header photos. 🙁

      Oh my. Shane and I broke up a couple of months ago. I’m pretty sure I put all the blog posts relating to him in private. I wonder how one escaped? Haha. But it’s good, I know you meant well! 🙂

      I wish you all the happiness and contentment you deserve, Ochi! Thank you for joining. 🙂

  • Augustin Ra

    How long have you been my reader now?

    This is my first time to visit your blog and I wondered why I haven’t stumbled upon this blog of yours but I will surely visit this every time I have the time. 🙂

    What do you like about my blog?
    I love how you inspire people in your own way and document about your life. It gives us a little glimpse on what’s happening to you lately.

    What do you dislike about my blog?
    Maybe it’s how you edit your photos or how you put designs on it. To be honest, I am also having a hard time on how to edit photos with letterings which are blog worthy. So you’re not alone with this. Hihi 🙂

    What is your favorite blog post or blog series and why?
    15 Truths About Working Out because basically, I am also working out and it’s pretty relatable. I’ve also blogged about my road to staying fit and I admire people who try to maintain this kind of healthy lifestyle in this world full of unhealthy living.

    What is your birthday wish for me?
    I don’t know about you, only what you blog but I wish you may continue to be a blogger and inspire bloggers and readers out there and to continue working out so that we will have something to be inspired. #fitspiration I hope you’ll grow and blossom as each day passes by and to continue being true to yourself and don’t let others define you.

    Lastly, what is your greatest aspiration in life?
    My greatest aspiration in life is to prove the people who pulls me down that they’re wrong. I am more than what they see, I am more than what they think of me. I don’t want them to define me. I will show them, to my mom and to myself specially that I can achieve all the things I aspire in my own way. If every circumstances permit me, I will be a lawyer and I want that.


      Ahhhh, fitness. 90% of the time I love it, only 10% slides off when I’m being too hard on myself. I haven’t even read any of your fitness blog posts yet but I can already say, I’m proud of you! Anyone who strives to better themselves in any aspect, I am proud of. 🙂 It’s a struggle to be fit because we will have our setbacks, but it’s normal. What matters is getting back up on our feet.

      Thank you for your birthday wish. That was sweet. 🙂 I’m still learning the art of letting go and not giving a crap what people think. Haha! “Don’t let others define you” hit home, in a really good way. 🙂 Oh, and can you elaborate on the edit/design part? What did you mean by that?

      Atta girl! You took the words out of my mouth. As I would exactly say, don’t let other people tell you otherwise. You are so much greater than others give you credit for. But you know what, at the end of the day, their opinions do not matter. It’s you and your story. You don’t need anyone to validate your existence. When the lights dim, you sleep with your thoughts, not theirs. You make the most of what you have, not of what others have. You will be a great lawyer someday. I am claiming it. *sprinkles moral support*

      Kudos to more grunts, sweat, and DOMS!

      PS, Give them a run for their money! Working out is so beneficial to the brain. Reading those cases will make it seem like a breeze for you!

  • Richel V.

    How long have you been my reader now?
    I’ve been a (silent) reader around one-two months now!

    What do you like about my blog?
    I like your blog theme. I’m really picky on blog designs, hehe. I also like your fitness goals since it reminds me to get off my ass and exercise more.

    What do you dislike about my blog?
    I know I said I like your theme but the WordPress header kind of bugs me. I’m not sure if it’s even a part of your theme but the Log In button makes me feel weird. Told ya I’m weird with designs.

    What is your favorite blog post or blog series and why?
    My favorite post has got to be your ‘Debunking Freelancing Myths’ one. I’m thinking of trying out freelancing for a while so that post was an eye-opener for me.

    What is your birthday wish for me?
    First off, happy birthday!! It’s cliche but I wish you find all the happiness you can in life. <3

    Lastly, what is your greatest aspiration in life?
    To be truly happy and content.


      Ahhh, so I do have readers! Thanks for finally coming out of your shell! Lol. it seems to me that people actually like reading about my fitness posts. To be honest, I just don’t write about that part of my lifestyle because my readers might not be able to relate but now I know better. Your comment was quite an eye opener, I must say.

      Haha, I know what you’re saying. The log in button also irks me, unfortunately, there’s nothing I can do about it. 🙁 I’m equally picky with blog designs. I’m glad I’m not alone in this. Lol!

      Thank you for joining, Richel! :*

  • Brie

    How long have you been my reader now?
    — I actually can’t recall, but I know I started reading your posts this year. You’re a fantastic person, you know? 🙂

    What do you like about my blog?
    — You and your personality! Blog entries related to you/your life is really enjoyable for me to read. Keep it up!

    What do you dislike about my blog?
    — The login bar at the top. It’s kind of a weird pet peeve of mine but other than that, your blog looks and is awesome!

    What is your favorite blog post or blog series and why?
    — I like Magic Monday and basically every personal post of yours. I find you entertaining hahaha

    What is your birthday wish for me?
    — Happy birthday Ate Bae! Wishing you all the best, more blessings for you and your loved ones. ♥

    Lastly, what is your greatest aspiration in life?
    — To be successful with my ambitions. I know it sounds cliché but that’s literally what I really aspire to happen. I have lots of ambitions (some are even impossible-ish) and I really want to pursue all of it. Happiness is also an aspiration. 🙂


      Oh, wow, thank you, Brie! It was a delight reading your entry! I’ve never been referred to as “fantastic”, this is a first! 🙂 Thank you! I don’t remember why I stopped doing Magic Monday, but since you reminded me, expect that blog series to run again starting next week. 🙂

      The log in button is also a pet peeve of mine, to be honest. Hehe. I think it pops out when you’re a WordPress user unless the website is protected.

      Thank you for your birthday wish! And you know what, I totally support you in your endeavors. We are all ambitious in our own ways and that’s a good thing. Let yourself dream big dreams. Nothing is impossible. Believe you can and you’re halfway there.

      Have a good one, Brie! <3

  • Kai Rafanan //

    How long have you been my reader now?
    I have been in your blog thrice and I wonder who’s Bae Patricia? Hahaha and I added you on my blogroll! 🙂

    What do you like about my blog?
    Your blog is very minimal and I like the content so much! I have visited all categories and blog series and they’re all amazing.

    What do you dislike about my blog?
    Hmm, I have nothing in particular since I’m new to your blog 🙂

    What is your favorite blog post or blog series and why?
    Magic Monday!! I can relate on your rants and stories too.

    What is your birthday wish for me?
    Happy Birthday, Bae! God bless you always and may we become friends! 😀

    Lastly, what is your greatest aspiration in life?
    To be successful and achieve my goals in life. Give back the gratitude to my parents for their hardwork and sacrifices!


      Hi Kai, thank you for dropping by! I visited your blog and it was extremely familiar but I couldn’t remember where I encountered your blog. I wracked my brain and realised you were featured in Aneth’s blog.

      Aww, that’s so sweet of you to like each and every category I have! I must fix it soon, though, there are some that ought to no longer be there because some of my readers might get confused, especially the part on relationships. Hehe.

      You’re the second one to say she likes my Magic Monday blog series! Will definitely make it a point to write a volume every week!

      That’s an amazing aspiration, Kai. You have a generous heart. <3

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