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Tarlac, March 2015


March 29, 2015

It wasn’t a typical Sunday for me. We went to Tarlac to pay my late grandma’s sister a visit. She passed away a couple of months ago but I’m not sure how old she’d be, had she been still alive. I knew we were going to spend a lot of time outdoors – under the scorching heat of the sun – so I opted to wear a sleeveless top and a pair of shorts I last wore years ago. I decided to give it a try and guess what, it still fits me. I woke up at around 7, if I remember correctly, but uncle Norman woke up extra early to fetch Nanay (grandmother, mom’s side) from Project 8, to buy butter crust from this Chinese pastry store we frequent at, and to meet tita Elsie halfway to fetch Jose, my 7 year-old cousin.

Even from our bedroom, I could already hear Jose’s jolly voice coming from our dining room. I got up from the bed, went down, made my coffee, and had breakfast with them. Ate Lerma, the Dormiendo household’s invincible help, was also there to look after Jose. She’s been with their family ever since Luis, the first child, was born. Luis is now 16 years old.

After eating, I went back to our room and took a shower. At 9 am, I was ready to go. I brought my backpack along just in case I/ we will be needing it. Brothers have nasty habits of bringing a bunch of stuff and making their sisters carry all of it in her bag. I am no exception. 


The car was packed with all ten of us squeezing ourselves inside. There was manong driving for us; mama in the passenger seat; me, kuya, and estong in the middle seats, and ate Lerma, Jose, Nanay, and uncle Norman at the back.

We stopped by Amber’s along Ortigas to buy bilao’s of spaghetti and pancit malabon. While waiting for our orders, mom and kuya braided my hair for fun. The outcome was nice , though, and it helped me stay cooler under the summer heat. It was a 2-hour drive and we made only one stop at this small mall in Tarlac to take a bathroom break and to buy some stuff we’ll be needing for lunch. We arrived at the cemetery shortly after and some of our relatives were already there. Aside from the bilao’s we bought, we also had a big container of california maki with us to share with everyone. They were not big fans of the stuff, so uncle Norman and I ended up eating majority of the maki’s. It’s ironic since I’m not really into it but I guess you just eat whatever when a) you’re bored b) you think you’re hungry but you’re actually just bored. I also lost count of the glasses of soda I consumed. Bad move, Bae.

Kuya and I took advantage of the sun and took several photos (and #ootd shots) while in the cemetery. Hello, spirits. 


It was too hot outside but my siblings and I were having fun just talking and eating. Actually, they made me get them soda several times, and kuya made most of the talking while I did more boisterous laughing. By 3 pm, we were ready to leave. I finished the maki’s and transferred the leftover water to my tumbler and got all the ice I could get before it melts in the plastic bag.

We didn’t go home yet after. We stopped by Marquee mall to cool off and have an early dinner/merienda. There were a few things I wanted to check out but didn’t push through with it at the last minute. I’m not big on spending, especially if it’s not my money I’m going to spend with. Basically, we just roamed around the mall, kuya bought a pair of shoes from Payless for work, we had merienda at Kenny Roger’s, and mom bought a bunch of cosmetics from Hypoallergenics though I believe she still has a lot to last a couple of years. 


When we left the mall, our first time was the Dormiendo household. We dropped off Jose and ate Lerma, then went to Project 8 next to drop off Nanay. Uncle Norman switches in staying from house to house but I guess he’s spending the week with us since he didn’t go with Nanay.

It was already 9 pm that time and we were all a bit hungry. Mom was the most hungry since she only had a soup with half cup of rice back when we ate at Kenny Rogers. There were a lot of food stalls and restaurants along Katipunan so we settled to have dinner there. At first glance, Sandwicheese already looked promising. I had a chili frankfurter sandwich, sweet calamansi slush, and skin-on fries, while manong, mama, and uncle Norman all had burgers. We also ordered a plate of buffalo wings to share.

The place looked nice, and the food tasted really good. It was a small restaurant but the place was packed when we were halfway done with our food. 


When I removed my braids, I noticed how curly my hair got. I couldn’t resist taking a photo because the curls fell perfectly in place! I have natural waves but I honestly think legit curls suit me better. What do you think?


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