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    Dear Bae,

    Years ago, you didn’t worry so much about life. You were not exactly care-free but you just did what you have to do. You were not a straight A student, but Lord knows you tried your best. You didn’t get a degree with the course you wanted but you sucked it up and fought anyway, even when you felt you were fighting alone. Tracking grades wasn’t exactly your thing, and you were a little stubborn in college as well. All those years, you felt so alone. You thought nobody else was fighting the same battle because it seemed like everybody had their lives figured out. They had goals, you didn’t.…

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    Embrace the Face

    Why do we women love falling victim to society’s “beauty standards” of us? Why can’t we love ourselves first before other people’s opinions? Why do we love photoshop-ing ourselves? Why can’t we post #selfies without them shamelessly undergoing several filters and/or edits beforehand? Why do we have such a hard time embracing who we really are, accepting our flaws, and not placing ourselves under the constant pressure of what other think about us and our looks? Why is it so hard to accept to embrace our God-given uniqueness?

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    Life Lately

    Challenging my physical strength Reading for leisure again Time to reflect about my life and other personal queries Gaining back my faith + Being more adult about certain decisions Learning the basics x Appreciating local products Gaining better, bigger guns Becoming a better me

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    Is Your Love Tank Empty?

    From my sudden outburst last night, and due to my worsening eye-ache (is that a proper term to use?), I decided to read a book instead of fuming from my emotions and doing reckless decisions. I opted for Bo Sanchez’s “Is your Love Tank empty?” since I’ve been meaning to read it and I felt that it was the right time to do so. I needed something light to lift up my heavy heart. So I got my random idea generator notebook and a pen, and started reading while jotting down notes in between – things that hit home and from which I could totally relate, based on what I’m currently…

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    Birthday Thoughts (And Other Matters)

    First of all, these is a very badly edited header for such a heart-felt blogpost. But oh well, here we go..  This might come off as really random but every afternoon around 4 to 6 p.m., I get really hungry to the point that I can’t concentrate on anything. I would stare at my computer screen and start working but I would constantly feel a stabbing pain in my eyes, and in my head, or maybe both, I’m not sure, but it’s when I stare at a screen for too long. My eyes would start twitching and I’d start seeing swirls and stars. So I stopped for a moment and…