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    September Inspiration

    For the whole month of September, I will be doing a 30-day minimalism challenge, where I try to be a minimalist (as the challenge name suggests) by decluttering my life and figuring out the more important things in life.

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    Reflection: Mid-2015

    We’re almost done with half of 2015. Have you met your goals yet? Or are they, once again, “impossible”, just like they were a couple of years ago? I was inspired to think back on my 2015 goals as the new year rolled in. Sure, they were neatly written down on my notebook, and were properly planned out. But have they been pursued yet, or do they remain just words on pieces of paper (yes, I’m that detail-oriented)? 1. Save more money. Rate: Could be doing better With all the temptations around, and the sense of belonging to finally earning my money, it’s not hard to throw it away like confetti.…