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    How I Became A Fitness Ambassadress Feat. Fit Access PH

    The gym is my safe haven. It’s where I go when I have too many toxic thoughts floating in my head. It’s where I go when I doubt myself but persevere to prove those doubts wrong.  The gym is my happy place, suffice to say. Likewise, I find joy in being an inspiration for others. I find satisfaction in people’s comments that I helped them, that I continue to inspire them, that they started working out because of me. Me. Like, for real? When I started working out some years back, when I was in 3rd-year college, specifically, I didn’t see myself being a “fitspiration” to anybody. Good Lord, I…

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    The twins Stacy and Danah published their online magazine Plump’s October issue and with it came their campaign for women to embody their flaws by embracing them and being totally okay about it, despite the remorse that comes from other people. Funny how others find it easier to despise our bodies when we give the complete opposite treatment – we love our bodies endlessly and claim that beauty indeed is in the eye of the beholder, and that’s us! Stacy dropped me a direct message on Instagram at 10 pm on Thursday, asking for my Facebook name. She said she needed to tag me on a post. I had no…

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    Eight Things I Learned From Going To The Gym

    I’ve been working out for years now but I’ve only been to gym for the last 6 months (except that one month I withdrew from it and slacked off from working out) and for the few months I’ve been going to gym to improve my physique and gain strength, among other things, there are a few lessons I’ve picked up along the way – both from my own experience and from people around me, a.k.a. my fellow gym rats. Read more to know the real deal when you go to gym and what it really means to be surrounded by people who have the same goal as you – fitness.

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    Things I Learned From Being Fit

    For years that I’ve worked out and tried to be fitter, I may have read a dozen or more articles from losing weight, gaining muscles, eating right to packing sick abs – every ladies’ favorite, I should say. I’m far from being an expert but I got a couple of tips and tricks I picked along the way. So now I’m writing this blog post, in hope of helping beginners out there to finally get their fitness journey started, because as they say, sucking it up now is better than sucking it in later.

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    My Fitness Journey And Where I Am Now

    Looking back, I know I’ve already come a long way in my fitness journey. If I were to start from the very beginning, my fitness journey began on the day I started believing in myself. That was summer of 2012. Truth be told, I wasn’t convinced to workout by the constant insults and rude comments, I just knew I needed to lose weight if I wanted to be healthy and fit even at an old age.

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    Gym talk: Knowing the difference between “Sore” and “Injured”

    I’ve had a bad left knee for a week now and it’s actually driving me nuts now. I’ve gotten used to squatting three times a week and now that I am not capable of doing so, I am starting to feel sluggish and lazy. I admit to not feeling the vibe of going to the gym recently but it’s because of another reason. I’m starting to get bored with my program – it seemed too routinely now and it’s nothing that excites me as much as it did before – so I switched to another program just today, which is a complete different story but still related to this blog…

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    Dear BS Family,

    Years ago, I was one of those girls who wanted thigh gaps, slim arms, and a flat belly. Now I couldn’t care less if my arms get a little bit bigger each day, cos that’s the ultimate goal now anyway. I used to be a cardio bunny but now you can’t make me let go of my iron. BS has taught me so much, from the technical stuff (i.e. knowing how your body works with different routines, doing lots of research) to personal development – being commited to your goals, mustering enough discipline and self-control, working hard towards being a better version of yourself. But most importantly, BS showed me…