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    Lipstick Review: Beauty Haul

    This blog post is long overdue and I initially planned to do a review per individual lipstick, but since my beauty haul piled up, I opted to do one big lipstick review about them instead. I’ll try to make each lipstick review brief but substantial, honest, and straight to the point. I’m going to ditch the package and whatnot and will focus on the products’ pigmentation, texture, feel, and such. (PS, I apologize for the tacky edit. I have yet to get myself a good camera + a photoshop app. Teehee.) Read on!

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    Embrace the Face

    Why do we women love falling victim to society’s “beauty standards” of us? Why can’t we love ourselves first before other people’s opinions? Why do we love photoshop-ing ourselves? Why can’t we post #selfies without them shamelessly undergoing several filters and/or edits beforehand? Why do we have such a hard time embracing who we really are, accepting our flaws, and not placing ourselves under the constant pressure of what other think about us and our looks? Why is it so hard to accept to embrace our God-given uniqueness?