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Swimming in Marikina

Last Saturday, April 4, we went to Marikina and had a swimming party with the Dormiendo’s. There was so much food everywhere and plates of snacks kept coming in. They served rice, dishes, spaghetti, and there were also chips, ice-cream, and soda on the side.

We brought plastic balls to be scattered all over the pool. Of course we can’t not use them to throw at each other. It was supposed to be a clan party but a lot of my aunts and uncles couldn’t come. It was still fun though. After months of not seeing other, I finally got to see my younger cousins Luis, Ella, Denise, and Kenji. It’s amazing how they grew up so fast. It’s true how parents say that their kids grow up too fast and how it felt like we were only babies yesterday and now we’re in our 20’s. 

I saw how my cousins grew up and I kind of wish time went slower for them. All I can wish now is that they embrace their youth and not want to grow up faster.

We already went to this exact resort a year ago, but I think I wasn’t able to write about it, mainly because I didn’t swim due to my period. It sucked that time because I really wanted to swim but spent the day lounging around instead. But today, the entire afternoon was spent swimming/playing in the pool, throwing balls at each, and eating every now and then. Before leaving the pool, kuya and I had a quick pseudo-shoot. We just had to make the most of the good sun and the nice pool water. 

Pool Pseudo-shoot

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