Sino nga ba si Maningning Miclat?


After my 3:00-6:00 PM class, my block mates and I stayed at school to discuss our research paper for our Communication Arts II (English 2) subject. We stayed at the library until closing time – 7:00 PM – then walked out of the building (NRH) while discussing where we’re going to stay next. One of my group mates suggested that we study at the 7th floor of the Nursing Building and they started laughing. Our group leader blurted out, “Ayoko nga dun. Si Maningning.” I couldn’t relate with them because I didn’t know who Maningning was, then. The name just sounded familiar because of a former block mate’s text which says, “Sino nga ba si Maningning? Visit FEU Ghost Stories”. Since then, I got curious. I wanted to know who Maningning was but I was too afraid, thinking I might see horrid pictures of her and because I couldn’t handle even the simplest ghost image. Back to the story, we stayed at the Pavilion, supposedly to continue our discussion but our study session turned into a kwentuhan session. I bugged my group mates to tell me about her. They told me to just visit the library and look for her biography. I asked them if she was an important person, they didn’t know. Although I’m assuming that she was. 


I couldn’t get her off my mind. I know that I might see horrifying pictures, but I will try my best not to get scared for the sake of (once and for all) knowing the real story behind the gossips and hear-says. Good thing I didn’t. Based on the blogs I read, Manigning Miclat was a filipino-chinese painter and poet. Allegedly, she jumped off from the 7th floor of Nursing Building in FEU. I thought she was a nursing student who was killed or committed suicide at the Nursing Building way, way back, as in during the 90’s, but I was able to verify that she was a professor. According to one of the blogs I read, the night of her death, she was supposed to give a quiz to her students. She was 15 minutes early. She removed her shoes to rest her aching feet (she just traveled from UP Diliman to FEU) and.. that’s it. She just fell. What I don’t get is how she really died. Did she really commit suicide or was it just an accident? Granted that it was an accident, she would have to climb the window for her to fall. No one will die there because of leaning onto a wall. That’s stupid. It would have been more realistic if the building was under construction – but I don’t think it was at that time – or someone pushed her. 

She was a very accomplished woman. She could have done more if not for death; there’s so much in store for her. Her death didn’t give me the goose bumps. In fact, it made me more curious. She died young. She died at 28.

~ To know more about the story of Maningning Miclat, visit www.google.com and type “Maningning Miclat”. Lol 😉 ~


  • fafa

    I got the same conclusion. The “suicidal” part is quite a big question to me to the point that nobody even saw her around or any students by that time? the investigation didn’t get through and FEU kept it a secret but there was also a group of students kicked out a week after the investigation? that’s really suspicious

    • bpc_milanes@yahoo.com

      It might only be a make-believe story. You won’t see any concrete stories online even if you Google it, so it just leaves you more puzzled. Haha! Maybe it’s just to arouse interest to students, why not, right? It worked on me. Lol. Everybody likes spooky tales.

  • May Vargas

    This story’s scary. I mean, I never saw her or felt her presence but still, the story’s creepy. Though funny when I was still there (I think in my 3rd year), I and my friends “studied” her story and intentionally go to NB just to see or hear or feel anything from her, but there was none. Except for my “gifted” friend who could see a random whatever-it-is near the elevator.

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