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Reflection: Mid-2015

We’re almost done with half of 2015. Have you met your goals yet? Or are they, once again, “impossible”, just like they were a couple of years ago? I was inspired to think back on my 2015 goals as the new year rolled in. Sure, they were neatly written down on my notebook, and were properly planned out. But have they been pursued yet, or do they remain just words on pieces of paper (yes, I’m that detail-oriented)?

1. Save more money. Rate: Could be doing better

With all the temptations around, and the sense of belonging to finally earning my money, it’s not hard to throw it away like confetti. There are all kinds of temptations around for youngsters like me, and I can’t say I’m all humble and not at all materialistic, or at least a little bit hungry for those things I couldn’t buy before because.. well, I had no money. 

Material blindness aside, I could do better in this field but so far, I’ve been saving up for Shane’s second visit and we don’t know yet when that’s going to be, but it’s smarter to save as much as I could while it’s still early and there’s still time. 

With my freelance job, it’s not as easy to put aside money for my savings account because I’m not earning as much as I did, but it’s a challenge, too, because I constantly find ways on how I could stretch my peso and live within my means (which is not happening right now). 

2. Save for my future. Rate: Could be doing better

This would go under the “Shane” category. So far it’s doing okay, but for the long term, let’s just say I could use more years to save up. 

3. Build a closer relationship with God. Rate: Doing okay

“That is one holy goal.” But yes, I wrote that down and thought it about way before January 1 rolled in. I’m doing okay for now. I’m reading a bunch of books to help me with it, hopefully I would do better. 

4. Lose weight. Rate: Do I really have to????

Okay, not to make excuses, I could really lose some weight but right now, that’s not my main goal. Women are all about the scale and the bass, but seriously, there’s more to life than losing weight. You could be 20 pounds heavier and fitter, or skinny but unhealthy. I’m not trying to rationalize my laziness sometimes (excuse me, I workout almost every day), but the goal now is to be fitter, not skinnier. There are a bunch of magic tricks and harmful shortcuts to make a person skinny, but fit goes a longer way. 

5. Be more punctual. Rate: Could be doing better

Enough said. Could be doing better. 

6. Feed my brain more. A.k.a. Read more books. Rate: Doing really well

I’m proud to say my Kindle account is loaded with books I can read anytime, anywhere. I’ve also purchased a couple of books to get me by, and a pile of books I have yet to read. Shall we go back to Goal # 1?

But did I mention I read useful tips and life-saver articles everyday? Go figure. 

7. More social life, less media. Rate: Doing okay

Ironic as it seems, my life is getting better because of media, not for scrolling endlessly on Instagram and Facebook, but they’re the means I communicate with people out of my reach.. literally. I’ve recently un-followed a bunch of strangers on Instagram (I kept asking what I was thinking back then when I followed them) and even people I know that kinda affect me negatively, emotionally, not that they’re bad people but I’m trying to prevent my pride, ego, and envy from getting worse (hello, inferiority complex) and I’ve been following inspirational and motivational accounts instead so I could say my social media accounts are pretty clean(er) now. 

8. Be a goal getter. Rate: Could be doing better

Me: Goals.. What goals… *crickets*

9. Emotional maturity. Rate: Doing okay

With the guide of older.. err, more emotionally stable, people, I could say I’m doing pretty good. I still got a lot of hang ups, but forgive me. I’m just a 22 year old who’s still confused about life. I bet a 50 year old could still be confused about life. 

10. Help the needy. Rate: Working on it

Seriously working on it, you guys. I’m not only working on myself but also working on helping others. I’ve got clothes and books ready to be picked up by whoever wants them, but I know those things are not going to walk out the front door by themselves. I still have to find second owners of my stuff. 

What about you? How are you doing with your goals?

This blog post was inspired by Helga

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