The Sunday Currently

The Sunday Currently / 3


Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project


Only The Sunday Currently, but will also be blogging about Shane and I’s first anniversary as a couple after this. <3


To TV sounds, younger brother’s PS3 game and music, and rain


How to figure out my life/ next freelance job/ why no one has responded yet (aren’t they interested?)


Nothing, really. I suck at smelling.


I wasn’t so big, and it would be easier to find my size while shopping for clothes.


To receive a job soon from my freelance job contact person. She used to be my star client, so now she’s not giving me any job yet, I’m worried and anxious. 🙁 Now I believe those who said that freelance life ain’t easy.


This green surplus shop tank top, a baggy pair of pink boxers, and slippers.


My new sports bra’s. Yay! You guys, you don’t know how hard it is to find a good pair of bra for this blessed breasts. I have a trust issue with clothing brands that sell workout clothes, because sometimes they’re not the best quality, but as soon as I tried on a pair of H&M’s sports bra, I was sold! Although I’m referring to a particular type because some of their bra’s do not have paddings.


Materially, nothing. I’m just itching to have Shane here again. 🙁


To lose weight. LOL. Nothing fancy, but I guess I need a good night’s sleep before our badminton session tomorrow. I’m gonna be back in the court, you guys!!!


Sticky from going out this afternoon during the sun’s peak, going home while it was still hot, doing chores upon getting home, and basically because it’s been hours since I last showered.


On Instagram, hopefully finding inspiration and also because I just made a shameless plug (again) with my blog, this time with my fitness journey blog post I published this morning.

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