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Product review: Proactiv Integrated Acne Treatment System

Initial thoughts on Proactiv Integrated Acne Treatment System

A day after I stopped using The Body Shop’s tea tree oil line, two friends recommended Proactiv. One of them claimed that it worked really well on her. So I ordered a set and the next day, my parcel arrived at around afternoon.

Initially, I was supposed to get the 60-day kit since it was the first set that popped on the screen when I went to Proactiv’s website. When I made an account, it showed that there was also a 30-day kit, which was way cheaper so that’s what I got. It’s Php 2,495 in total with a free shipping. It’s available in Watsons stores here in the Philippines. They also sell to other countries online. They accept these methods for paying: credit card, paypal, and cash on hand (for Philippines). In my case, I used credit card, but Shane was the one who paid it for me because he loves me that much. LOL.

Now the entire kit has four solutions: a renewing cleaner, a revitalising toner, a repairing treatment, and a refining mask. It also has a brochure inside with instructions on how to use the solutions and when, and a mini pamphlet of skin-care tips, “The doctors’ secrets to a lifetime of clear skin”.

Pretty dramatic, huh?

1) Renewing cleanser

Obviously, this should be the facial wash. I didn’t apply sample products on my hands because it would just be a waste, so I will just describe them all to the best of my abilities. As per instruction, you should get a small amount of the solution on your palm, massage it all over your face and let it sit on your skin for 1-2 minutes. It has a white substance that looks like pretty much like glue, but it has the weirdest texture ever! It’s very grainy and I even mixed some water with it, which I think is a bad move, because it just made the solution watery, so I had to quickly smear everything on my face. It felt like rubbing sandpaper on my face, and it wasn’t even foamy at all. None of that. It felt like an exfoliant but minus the water. It felt really dry, but there was no weird smell. It leaves a bit of sting on the face but I think it’s just the solution doing its job. After rinsing my face, I didn’t really feel refreshed or rejuvenated, but I was clean. It doesn’t leave a squeaky sensation or a mild, dewy feel on the face.

Dear readers, please know that these are not bad things at all. I hope I don’t come off as if I’m complaining. Because I’m not. I’m trying to be very honest about this review because you were not there under the shower head with me so you don’t know how the products were (LOL) and I’m pretty sure you’re reading this right now because 1) You want to know if the Proactiv set is effective and 2) How the individual solutions are like.

So, let me proceed with the next one..

2) Refining mask

I was puzzled when I saw this bottle because I didn’t know what it was for. When I read “mask” on the box, I thought it was like a facial mask or a mud mask. But anyway, according to the instructions, you’re only supposed to use this 2-3 times a week, not every day. You use this after washing your face when it is still damp. Lather the creamy solution all over your face and leave it there for 10 minutes. It was the same amount of time I would take to wash my body and rinse off so I did just that. The mask is very creamy and it glides easily on the skin. Well how would it not anyway if your face is all damp (LOL), but the thing is, it kinda smells bad. It’s not really strong but it sets on you. It smells like wet wood, if you get what I’m saying. Texture? Like extra wet cement. Not really sexy, if I may say so myself. When removing, you might have to scrub your face extra hard to rid of all the mask residue – a mild rinse would not suffice since you left the mask on your face for a good 10 minutes.

3) Revitalising Toner

It doesn’t have any weird smell or texture. It’s a completely normal toner. But for extra measure, I shook the bottle in case there was a small amount of residue or chemical sitting on the bottom, like The Body Shop’s tea tree toner. Apply a generous amount on a cotton ball and smear the toner all over your face while you smile at your fabulous self in the mirror. Oh, and you might have to put some more toner on the cotton ball or apply it really fast on your face because it dries quickly.

4) Repairing treatment

Again, completely normal treatment. It took a lot of bottle-squeezing and praying for the treatment not to splatter all over my hands though because the bottle was too hard, so I opened the cap to let out a bit of air and found that it has a white substance. See? It’s normal. It didn’t smell funky at all. Okay, maybe a little. But you’ll get used to it. It feels like a sunblock after you put everything on your face, but after it sets, it doesn’t feel as sticky anymore (and then I remembered I haven’t brushed my teeth before doing my face so I lost a little bit of the toner + treatment from my chin). I’d suggest for makeup lovers not to use this as your moisturizer as it melts your powder. I thought I was just sweating a lot, but it turns out that it was the treatment doing all the melting. I’ve tried it several times so I’m pretty sure it’s the treatment’s fault. Use your tried and tested makeup moisturiser instead. Also, I found that it helps to place your bottle upside down to help the solution slide down to the opening easily so you won’t have a hard time squeezing the bottle every time you have to use it.

Right after everything, I sat on the bed, opened my laptop, and started typing everything. After about half an hour, I went to the bathroom and holy guacamole, I swear my face looks clearer already. As Coldplay sang, call it magic.

I’m hopeful for this product to work or blood will shed. Or, not really. But I’d be pretty devastated if it leaves me with worse skin than when I started the whole kit. 🙁

In conclusion of my initial thoughts on my Proactiv 30-Day Integrated Acne Treatment System Kit, my shower time just got 10 minutes longer. LOL just kidding! I think it’s working, kids! Let’s be hopeful! I shall get back to you after 30 days! Or less!

Stay tuned!


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