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Dear Fat People


Oh, this is so beautiful!


Comedy can be such a powerful tool and the last time I checked, it was supposed to make you laugh, not cry. Fat-shaming is real and NA proved it 100%, officially making herself one of the bullies.

That’s it, it’s all about ‪#‎respect‬. (Oh I’m sorry, Arbour, does my hashtag offend you?) How can you talk about something so sensitive in such a klutz manner? Where’s your humility? Ever heard of compassion, even? Making you “lean” doesn’t give you the right to shame on fat people, in fact no one does. Grace is right, doing it comes off as being annoyed for people having “feelings” and being “hurt” by the crude comments. It’s not about being whinny, or letting the universe make them stay as fat as those people are, if not fatter. It’s more than that.

Shame on you, Arbour. Shame on you. Hope you enjoyed your 15 minutes of fame. You attention-whore. And your tacky choice of lipstick annoys me, too.

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