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My 23rd Birthday at Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens & Spa, Antipolo

On my 23rd birthday, mom had the idea of bringing me to this resort in Antipolo. At first, I thought it was a charity or a house for the elderly because of the way the place sounded and I was ready to turn down the offer because I didn’t really want to do anything on my birthday. I was just planning to eat an entire box of pizza and a tub of ice cream by myself, real talk.

Upon checking the website, I was awestruck. It was a definite love at first sight. It was too good to be true, but it even got better when we finally saw the place in the flesh. The website proved that the place looks heavenly and every corner was Instagram-worthy. One other factor that wanted me to say no on a whim was my thinking that the place’s fee would be expensive because of the luxurious ambiance it presents. But it just proved me wrong once again because for 5 hours tops at the place, the rental fee was worth every cent.

It’s hard to reiterate everything I felt that day so I will just let the photos do the talking. Don’t mind my short stories, though. Enjoy! 🙂

PS, this blog post is photo heavy. I’d suggest you get a strong Internet connection and wait for the photos to upload so you can easily scroll through them. 

Upon getting in the vicinity, we were welcomed by some stores in the area, including this restaurant. It looks nice but we didn’t get to eat there.

Luljetta’s is like a heaven set in the gardens. If you want to stay the night with your family or friends, you can do so Loreland Farm Resort. It’s but a short walking distance away so it’s very convenient. If you don’t want to swim in the public pool, you can go to Luljettta’s in the morning and head to Loreland in the evening.

The facade looks lovely already. Wait until you get to see what’s inside. 🙂

Going down to Garden Heaven

This is the dining area for Luljetta’s Cafe. It looks so serene, I smiled when I saw it, no joke. Behind me is the reception area.

I can’t get enough of this pastel delight. Too pretty!

Our first stop 🙂 We went for the mini infinity pool first then went back later for the heated jacuzzi and sauna.

Heading to the sauna + jacuzzi + pool place. The entire place is surrounded by plants, flowers, wood furniture, and lovely quotes. I sure wish I got a photo of all the quotes. They were little reminders that took my breath away every time. It sure didn’t feel like I was just 2 hours away from Manila!

This cute setup reminded me of my boyfriend. Wait.. I don’t have a boyfriend. Lol. It’s just so romantic that I couldn’t help gushing over the place. But wait, there’s more..

I mean, c’mon! Who in their right mind wouldn’t feel all mushy with this setup?! It’s so darn romantic! I wouldn’t mind dragging my future boyfriend to this place. Lol!

This is such a lovely spot that I kept going back to it to take more photos. See that little “You are worthy” note right there?

Finally, the mini infinity pool. 🙂

It was empty when we got there so we had the pool all to ourselves. To be fair, the place isn’t packed on weekdays so if you want some real peace and quiet, go there when the rest of the world is busy in the city.

True that, Gandhi!

It’s as if the hydro pool wasn’t enough, there has to be Dr. Fish, a huge private pool with different paraphernalia, and an infinity pool.

Going down to Dr. Fish for some feet tickles featuring my mother and her iPad

I may or may not have shrieked like a banshee when I felt the fish sucking on my feet. This kind of reminded me of piranhas for some reason. Clearly, I can’t, for the life of me, go snorkeling because sea creatures creep me out.

PBB teens. Lol.

Welp, that’s deep.

Going down to the infinity pool *insert angels harping*

Sneak peek of the infinity pool from above

We’re almost there, guys. Hang in there.

PBB Teens, Second Edition

Well, of course.

I was so bummed out with my family because they wouldn’t take (nice) pictures of me so I held my own photoshoot. Lol. I am so cute, I just learned how to use my phone’s timer feature. Welp. This is me being #bodypositive and owning my curves! I’m trying to show what little abs I have. Haha.

Life is colorful and so should be my birthday #ootd.

There’s this sanctuary of flowers and plants some feet away from the infinity pool

After taking a dip in the infinity pool (us) and taking several selfies (me), we went back up to the restaurant and had a quick and light lunch.

We had plates of this chocolate cake and two plates of a breaded pork meal with rice. Clearly, this is an odd combination for lunch.

We weren’t able to taste much from their meals so I can’t tell if they have a good line up of menu. This breaded pork meal and everything else tasted okay – nothing top of the line. But wait until you taste, or, at the least, see their suman.

This is a complementary snack for each person. Since there was five of us, we also got 5 plates of suman. The beverage is iced tea with lemongrass and since I hate the taste of the latter, I didn’t really appreciate it. Lol. I could have easily downed the full bottle had it not been for the tanglad. FYI, I also hate lemon water. Like, with passion. And it’s sad because everywhere you go, they serve lemon water in the entirety of Luljetta’s, so imagine how that went for me. 🙁

Back to the suman, it’s actually a pretty easy plate to fix. The suman itself is crunchy from being fried while the coco jam syrup is smooth enough from being boiled with a bit of water. The spinkles of cashew nuts top it off. It was a really delightful meal if I may say so myself. It was also perfect for the place where it was just serene and calm.

After eating, we went back down for the jacuzzi and the sauna. We finally had both for ourselves with only a few people attempting to go but backing out upon seeing us. Hehe.

I personally get uncomfortable in hot and enclosed areas so I didn’t enjoy the sauna. If I only wanted to sweat, I could have jiggled my volutpuous body and sweated like a pig easy. The jacuzzi was okay, but again, I don’t like anything that emits heat, so I prefer a cold or lukewarm pool.

I had a time alone so I took the chance to take several photos with my handy camera. Some are a bit raunchy and I know I could use some a lot of practice, but I only took photos because it’s not every day that I can flaunt my body (and be confident) in a 2-piece swimwear. :p

All photos are directed, shot, and post processed by yours truly. :p

Always choose love,

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