Baguio City | Day 2

Baguio City | Day 2

March 22, 2015

The next day, I woke up pretty earlier than everyone else and the first thing I did was wake up my mother and greet her a happy birthday. Everyone else was still asleep so I opted to check my social media accounts first before to start my day, then I took a shower and accompanied mom for breakfast in the hotel restaurant, Hill Station. There were six of us but only 2 free breakfast meals were given. Mom had the filipino breakfast while I had the country breakfast. I wasn’t able to take a photo of my plate (I know, always, always bring your phone with you) but I’ll do my best to give my beautiful plate a just description.

On my plate were two pieces of toasts. – mind you, those were the thickest toasts I’ve ever seen in my life so far – a piece of sunny side-up, a few slices of farmer’s ham, baked (?) potatoes, and a cube of melted butter + strawberry jam on the side. And of course, coffee. It was the nicest breakfast I’ve had in awhile. Mom said she didn’t like hers – I also noticed how she had leftovers on her plate. 🙁

Kuya and the others went down to the restaurant right after mom and I finished eating. We took a bunch of photos by the tables and on the stairs before leaving because we’re weirdos like that. We walked on our way to Session Road and had breakfast at Swiss Baker. I just had a few bites of their pizza bread since mom insisted. Surprisingly, I got full with the breakfast we had at Hill Station. It was a bit weird since I only ate bread, basically. So I just sat in the bakery/restaurant while they finished their food. Once they were done, we went back to the hotel room. I looked too formal in my dress so I changed into shorts and a polo shirt. Thanks mom, for bringing extra clothes. <3

If I haven’t mentioned it before, mom is so much into wood carvings, furniture, fixtures, decorations, and anything native. She’s into those “oldie but goodie” things. We went to the market place (via car, this time) and went to this underground market of wooden everything. I just sat around and looked at some stuff while mom did her purchase. I was telling Shane about this cool chair that he might want to try building since he’s been building and selling tables and planters since a few months ago. I took a picture but of it but I didn’t want to flip it over to show every angle (I might look like a weirdo) and I know we still have one at home so I told him I will show it to him when we get home.

After the market place, we went back to the hotel room and started packing our things just in time before we checked out of the hotel. While doing that, kuya and Estong were out, buying a bucket of Chicken Joy for lunch. We just ate inside the room so it would be quicker and more convenient. Mom also bought some cakes from the cafe that’s interconnected to the hotel. After lunch, we saw an indie film at Cinemateque. The movie was called “Jazz in love” and it was about this guy from Davao who met a Dutch chap online and eventually fell in love with him. The old chap went to the Philippines and met up with his gay lover. It actually reminded me of Shane and I couldn’t help but melt in my seat every time a familiar scene would be shown. It was beautiful, but at the same time, kind of sad. LDR’s are never easy. Oh well.

After the movie, we finally left the hotel and went to Good Shepherd to buy some goodies. They moved the snacks bar to the garden and put more flowers in the area. It looked 10x more beautiful. I loved how they put up a plant wall. It was literally a wall enveloped with plants and flowers. Too bad I wasn’t able to take a photo of it.

We stayed in the garden for awhile and some of them had coffee while I had my usual strawberry-calamansi juice and oatmeal muffin. Of course, I wasn’t leaving that place without taking a bunch of photos of the beautiful flowers.

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