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Magic Monday | Vol. 16

So, it’s Monday again. Hello to a new week. Just to clue you in: my day doesn’t officially start until I’ve done my Magic Monday, so you can say that my day is starting pretty late today. It’s already 1 pm as I write this, my laundry’s spinning in the machine and I’m halfway done with it, and I got some tasks to do for our business. I woke up late today, too. I even set my alarm to watch Game of Thrones on HBO but sleep won me over.

Anyway, lets’ go on with this 16th volume. Kinda feel disgusted that I didn’t write anything in between the volumes, but it is what it is! So, again, welcome to Magic Monday, a blog series where we list all things nice and worth looking forward to for the week. This blog series aims to uplift dazed spirits, especially on a Monday morning – a friendly reminder that not all Mondays should be hectic and that it can bring a little magic to your week if you let it. ✨

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S A T U R D AY // July 22

  • Reading blogs/commenting. I always feel happy when I’m able to catch up on my friends’ blogs. Well, okay, I’m not really friends with the Enciso sisters but you get what I mean. I even made a thread of the blogs I love reading.. just because. I realized that I always zoom in on personal and “discovery” posts and not so much on what’s trending. I mean, do I really care about that new restaurant in BGC? Hmm, not so much. Anyway, I also left comments on their blog posts, so that’s a plus. I love any form of organic engagement!
  • Business logo/socials. FINALLY FINISHED doing our family business’s logo and I’M SO RELIEVED. I’ve been squeezing out as much creative juices as I could the last few days, but all those days ended up only being a time to seek inspiration. I ended up doing a simple yet clear and enticing logo + banner for our business. I can’t share the FB page yet, but once it has photos, I definitely will! Aside from the logo, I’ve also already set up its social media accounts so we can start posting. 

S U N D A Y // July 23

  • Kita Kita. OK, how do I even begin?????? I might drop some spoilers here, so be warned. The first part of the film was a bit dragging, but as it progressed, the more everything made sense. You know it’s like things piled up and at the end, you get hit with this huge realization, like, DAMN. MIND IS BLOWN. Or as Xian Gaza would say, “Nyeaaaaam!” Ok, I did not just say that… Anyway! It’s just so heartwarming and all sorts of.. UGH, I can’t even explain???? I had this stupid grin on my face especially during the last part of Lea’s story (if you watched it, you know what I’m talking about). Too many times, I thought, “I want my own Empoy,” then I would realize my boyfriend was watching beside me. HAHA. But I kid you not, it’s POSSIBLE to happen in real life. It may be prettier on screen, but DAMN, IT CAN BE LEGIT IN REAL LIFE. Like the kilig, the gestures, the sweetness, all the lambing, the crazies. You wanna know how it messed me up? After credits, everyone else was already leaving but the bf and I were still sitting because I couldn’t stop crying. HAHAHAHA. I only cried 1 time, but it was a 1 time, big time kind of cry. By the end of the film, I wanted to contact Empoy right then and there through any means I could. IT REALLY MESSED ME UP. I’m literally having goosebumps as I write this. 
  • Updating my bullet journal. After watching Kita Kita, the boyfriend and I had dinner before heading home. He was so tired so I let him sleep on our couch, and while he napped, I took that time to update my bullet journal and list down the things I need to do this week, including writing this Magic Monday.  

// O T H E R S //

  • 2-day bonding with the boyfriend. Spending time with my love always calms me. He’s like my reset button, just stretch it into 2 days. I like that I can use my weekends to intentionally ditch any type of work work; that I can spend my time with my family + him. 
  • Deep talks with fellow bloggers. This happened from Friday to Sunday, so I can’t put it under Saturday or Sunday alone. Last Friday, I attended Oh Wonder’s concert at Samsung Hall in SM Aura. Jhanzey of The Wild Flower and I had a talk about.. stuff, which then made me realize some very important things. I also had a nice chat with Martin of Escapadition, who actually suggested a good series for my blog. (Martin, please don’t be surprised if you read this. I’m 100% transparent here and if I need to tag you, I will. HAHA) It’s always nice to engage with fellow bloggers so you can also ask feedback from them. They’re very insightful and they can really help you establish, improve, etc. your brand. 
  • FIRST CONCERT: Oh Wonder! I’m excited to share my photos and videos with you! I’m just not yet decided if I wanna do it on YouTube or just on Facebook. 

Wow, that sure was a long list. Anyway, it’s your turn.
How was your weekend?


  • Danica Rama

    Aww so happy reading your review about Kita-Kita! I’m really glad na you liked the movie! Also, so jealous of Oh Wonder 🙁 if it wasn’t on a Friday I could’ve gone para ma meet ko na rin kayo in person 🙁

    • Bae Milanes

      Oh, why’s that? Do you have relevance with the movie? It was my first time hearing Oh Wonder. Sa spotify, ibang iba ang tunog nila. Live, grabe yung energy. AS IN. I hope my phone videos do justice to their amazing sound system. Haha. I tried to capture everything including their little speeches! I’m sure you’d love it. Oh, and you know what sucks? I had FOUR VIP TICKETS with me that time. I’m planning to give away to friends who are fans. At least sort of souvenir na lang. Lol.

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