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Magic Monday | Volume 3

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Wait, it’s Monday again already? How the heck did that happen? Oh well, time to #adult again and deal with another work week. Before you start grunting though, if you haven’t already, I just want to remind you that Mondays do not have to be as gloomy as your face or your attitude towards it.

Come and let’s see some fancy and happy things we can carry over the coming days. Here’s a listicle of mine:

  1. We went to Baguio City over the weekend and it was a simply relaxing and refreshing weekend. It felt good to be away from my gadgets (unless I’m snapping photos or talking to Shane about our itinerary) and focus on nature for a change, the former being my constant goal come weekends.
  2. From that 2-day nature visit, I was able to take a bunch of photos of the sunset, sunrise, trees, good food, and all the others things we engaged in, in the City of Pines.
  3. Going up the Sto. Tomas, it was very cold and high, literally. We went up a thousand feet higher over sea level and seeing the sleeping houses behind us was enough to give me that high as when I’m riding a roller coaster. More on that in my next #Travel blog post. For now, I’ll have you know that I can still feel the cold on my hands and how glad I was to have taken that opportunity and for waking up really early for it.
  4. It’s kuya’s birthday today! He got a leave from work and mom did too, so that means a bunch of people in the house and lesser household work for me to do because… mommy. Hihi.

I’m currently 80% done with this 1,500 article I’m working on. How’s your Monday doing so far?

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