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Magic Monday Vol. 4


I was browsing through my blog posts when I realized that I haven’t written much Magic Monday blog posts, most of the time because my Mondays start busy when blogging is at the bottom of my to-do list. I’m going to write this quick one since some nice things that happened during the week/end deserve some limelight.

  1. I finally got myself a copy of Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic. I’ve heard about the book from Elisa and ever since I couldn’t stop thinking of getting my own copy. I guess it’s a rare find and it sells out fast because I only saw a copy (and coincidentally the last one!) in Fully Booked Promenade. It being the last copy, of course, I had to take it as a sign! I also got Jesus Freaks, which Shane recommended me.
  2. Shane and I were supposed to go out at noon yesterday but our plans got postponed. Still, we were able to go out, have Chinese food for dinner, and watch Zootopia.
  3. I finally created an Instagram account to promote my blog posts. ✨ I’m going to be a bit busy in the next few days, trying to figure out how to layout everything and what hashtags to use. I love blogging but I suck at promoting it. LOL.

I’m almost done with my first article for the day, which is 1,000 words long. How’s your Monday going so far?



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