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Lipstick Review: Beauty Haul


This blog post is long overdue and I initially planned to do a review per individual lipstick, but since my beauty haul piled up, I opted to do one big lipstick review about them instead.

I’ll try to make each lipstick review brief but substantial, honest, and straight to the point. I’m going to ditch the package and whatnot and will focus on the products’ pigmentation, texture, feel, and such.

(PS, I apologize for the tacky edit. I have yet to get myself a good camera + a photoshop app. Teehee.)

Read on!

Last November 10, I made my first order from Beauty MNL. I learned about it from a friend who’s well into makeups as I am and who never forgets to tag the business accounts on social media! So stalk I did.

I got Wet n’ Wild’s Megaslicks Balm Stain in A Stiff Pink (Php 299) and Pink Sugar’s Creamy Matte Lipstick in Rumor (Php 349). Sadly, Wet n’ Wild’s Megaslicks Balm Stain is not purse-friendly. The lid slides off so easily that it created a huge mess in my makeup bag and stained my other lipstick tubes. I had to clean each one and throw the Balm Stain straight in the bin. I had no regrets whatsoever because the moment I threw it away was the same time I realized that it wasn’t the color I wanted. I wanted to get Pinky Promise, but I guess I was too excited that I got the wrong color.

Anyway, moving on to my lipstick review, Rumor is a bright pop of pink on the lips. The first time I saw it on Beauty MNL’s Pink Sugar swatches, I felt in love just like that. I knew right then and there that I had to get it. It was perfect for my morena skin! Lo and behold, my parcel arrived and I was ecstatic to try it but I waited it out until the next day so I could try it on with a freshly washed face. I didn’t wear anything else, not even any press powder, so I looked every inch raw except for my lipstick.


First impression: I actually felt sad that I was too tan for it. I showed it to Danah, one of the plump twins and she said she loves it on me.

About the lipstick: True enough, as the name suggests, it’s super creamy and has this vanilla fragrance. It smells nice and it gives you that surprise because it’s rare for lipsticks to have a nice fragrance at all, and it just adds to the excitement. But for girls who do not like sweet fragrances, it might be too overwhelming. Because of its consistency, it’s not long-lasting at all. It can be easily wiped off with tissue.


The verdict: The application is not so great. It feels like applying watercolor to your lips (if that’s even possible???). You will surely have to put on two layers, but there’s no need for a chapstick as the lipstick is already creamy enough. I would most likely wear it on events where I won’t have to drink or eat every now and then so I could avoid re-applying every time, which btw is not my thing, that’s why I try to stick with matte long lasting lipsticks. I will make another blog post on this once I get a sufficient amount of lipsticks!

Would I buy another one? For now, no. I’m okay with one creamy lipstick.

My next order from Beauty MNL was just 2 (palm face) days afterward.. right when I said I’m going on a serious 2-month shopping ban (SMH). Anyway, after watching so many YouTube videos and blog reviews, I finally decided to get any of the following: #5, #15, #12, #11, and #9.


I wanted to get something that looks more like an “everyday” shade so I stayed away from loud colors. I got #15 and fell in love with the color instantly. From my other photos without any makeup on, you would think I wasn’t wearing anything at all, but that was what I loved about it! It looked so natural and it fit my skin tone so well.

First impression: It’s amazing! I loved it! The color is perfect on me, I love how matte it is AND IT’S LONG LASTING. It’s a done deal. Enough said and swiped.

About the lipstick: MeNow’s Kiss Proof Soft Lipstick is your typical drugstore lipstick that has yet to be discovered. During the time that I was ready to place my order, all the brand favorites have already been sold out. Now almost all the colors are out of stock. It sells that good! For only Php 149, it honestly is a good steal. But no lipstick is perfect so here are a few lows about this product: It’s honestly kiss-proof, I can attest to that. Or.. not. It’s not like I could kiss my boyfriend because physically he’s not here (LOL) but I have tried drinking and eating with this lipstick on my lips and it really stuck for a long time! It’s super matte so it can feel a bit drying on the lips but not heavy at all. Since it has a dry consistency, I suggest that you put on a lip balm first. The black tube is not plastic, it’s actually a pencil lead and you have to sharpen it with a jumbo sharpener. I suggest you invest on a legit makeup lipstick sharpener like Pixi by Petra’s. I only have Ever Bilena’s and it’s no good.


My Ever Bilena sharpener doesn’t sharpen my lip pencil well and it takes such a long time so I just use what I can from my stubbed pencil. LOL. It’s sticky for the first few minutes but dries to a chalk-like texture after a while.

The verdict: It’s very cheap compared to your other long lasting matte lipsticks, it has a lot of wonderful shades, plus I like the light weight feel. If the shade I got wasn’t so pale, I would say it’s pretty pigmented. The only thing I don’t like is how I need to sharpen the pencil every so often. But I guess it’s better than carelessly turning the twist knob at the bottom and having a gross mush of lipstick on the inside of the lid.

Would I buy another one? Absolutely. If not for main events, I’d gladly use it during last minutes errands or walks. This time, I would buy the red shades, but for now, I will have to wait until they restock. Sold out, bruh!

As if it weren’t enough for me, I ordered more just because I was on a full-fledged woman mode, a.k.a. I will hoard until I have enough makeup I don’t really need.

On November 21, I ordered… 4 more. Another Pink Sugar but an HD Lipstick in Such a Tease, City Color’s Be Matte Lipstick in Mauve and in Melon, and NYX’s Jumbo Lip Pencil in Honey Nectar.

For some reason, Beauty MNL’s site says NYX is coming soon as of this blog post’s publication. I guess they ran out of stock or are revamping it. Another thing, I hated the lip pencil at first swipe. It’s tacky, it’s too creamy, it feels like I used a carbonara sauce for a lipstick, and I hate the color. It’s close to a creamy white and for a tan girl like me, it would never suit my skin tone. I gave it away.

For this part, I will be writing a review on the first three lipsticks I mentioned.


Such a Tease is not your ordinary plump lipstick. It has this sultry shine to it. It looks intimidating when you see the color from the tube, but it looks nice on the lips once you put it on and personally, I don’t find it too bold or intimidating. It’s not your typical sexy red or sweet pink. It’s something else.

First impression: It’s not something I would swatch at first glance, but I love the shade on the lips. It has the right tease. 

About the lipstick: Another Pink Sugar product, Such a Tease comes from the HD Lipstick collection. Like the Creamy Matte Lipsticks, it easily glides on the lips and has the same vanilla scent.


The Verdict: For Php 299, it’s cheaper than the Creamy Lipsticks edition and it’s an equally nice steal. It has a wide variety of pink and red shades so there’s a lot to choose from if you’re picky with your lipsticks and you’re aiming for a specific shade.

Would I buy another one? For now, no. I’m okay with one HD Lipstick in my makeup purse.

4City Color’s Be Matte Lipstick in Melon might look okay on me for some, nothing that fancy, but I fell in love with this color the moment I applied it on my lips. It’s not your typical coral shade, but is a mix of orange and pink, thus melon. As the name suggests, I actually praying for the lipstick to be matte while applying it, because it’s tiring to keep looking for matte lipsticks but never finding The One. #Hugot

First impression: It has a chalky consistency and it drags your lips while you apply it, so it’s better to put on a balm first, but the pigmentation is amazing. It has a good coverage and the color is as it is when you see it in the tube. The best part? It’s LONG LASTING. I was instantly sold.

About the lipstick: For  Php 225, it’s a good matte lipstick and long lasting, at that. It doesn’t have any fragrance, just a slight taste, but nothing too strong. It stays on for a few hours even after you drink or eat. As I said, the pigmentation is awesome – it makes your lips look full without the heavy feeling.


The Verdict: It’s a really nice lipstick with lots of available colors. It would make a nice gift for your kikay friend without hurting your pocket. It would also probably last long in your makeup kit because it’s not matakaw with the color. So far, I’ve only seen this brand on Beauty MNL and at a kiosk in Fisher Mall. If you’re not picky with the packaging and you’re not the type of person who finds a lot of flaws in her makeups, then I highly recommend this.

Would I buy another one? Definitely.


Another one from the Be Matte Lipstick collection, City Color in Mauve has a tinge of magenta on it. Unlike Pink Sugar’s Creamy Matte Lipstick in Rumor, this one is matte and has a more plum hue. It’s more vibrant and really makes your lips pop out and be extra noticeable.

First impression: It’s an okay shade. I’m not much into it like I am with Melon, but the pigmentation is equally amazing and it instantly gives your face a pop of color.

About the lipstick: My first description on Melon applies to this as well. It has a good staying power, an excellent pigmentation, and a nice matte look. If you’re wearing something plain and would like to do just your lips and not your entire face, this would be a nice go-to color. Sometimes, red can come off too strong. It wouldn’t hurt to play it up and put a little tinge of pink on your lips.


The Verdict: The color is okay. The price is affordable. The lid is intact and doesn’t come off easily, actually, not at all, and you can easily identify the color from the tube because of the transparent lid. The black tube is also a classic look.

Would I buy another one? Yep! But I would try the red ones this time for a change and to see if it has the same staying power.

The last on my list is Mac’s Please Me, which kuya (older brother) gave me for Christmas, together with a Studio Fix Powder/foundation.

Now I will be completely honest with you and this might seem cocky, but I don’t like Mac’s lipsticks, not because I’m such a princess, but because of a completely opposite reason. The lipstick’s application is nice, it glides easily, they have an amazing array of swatches, but other than that, I don’t find anything special with them. It has a really strong smell and taste (nothing sweet or nice, to be honest), the matte’s are not that matte and nothing is long-lasting. Then why do I have a number of Mac lipsticks in my purse, you may ask? Only reason: shade.


On to my review, I try to stay away from soft or light pinks because I know I’m too tan for them and I don’t want to look like Nicki Minaj; I’d rather stick with colors that suit my skin tone best.

First impression: Mac’s Please Me is probably one of the shades I wouldn’t bother swatching, but apparently, it looks okay on me. It’s a subtle pink, nothing too girly or pa-cute, but it definitely looks sweet, don’t you think so?

About the lipstick: It’s supposed to be matte, but it’s still very creamy on the lips. Like the other lipsticks, it has a strong smell and taste, the type you’d say, “amoy lipstick or lasang lipstick”, if you get what I mean. It doesn’t have any staying power at all and transfers easily. On the brighter side, I’d give a thumbs up to the classic bullet-styled tubes and the easy application of the product on the lips. Both pigmentation and consistency are amazing. Other shades I have from Mac are Diva, Velvet Teddy, and Faux (which I just stole borrowed from mom’s stash. Hihi).


The verdict: The shade is okay, but it’s not something I would wear on an everyday basis and definitely not during events that I expect to eat or drink every so often.

Would I buy another one? No. I have enough Mac lipsticks for now and I’m not really a fan of the brand, clearly.

Oh wow, this blog post took longer than I expected. I’ve been typing nonstop and now that it’s done, I hope it’s been helpful to you! If you’re a matte lipstick type of girl or a lipstick girl in general, stick with me and I’ll let you in on more makeup reviews and beauty tips (uhm, I have, like, 5).

There are a lot of drugstore lipsticks out there that also deserves some light. Let’s give them a try as well and let’s support local products more, like, *drum rolls*, Pink Sugar!

That’s it for now! Thanks for reading and may our 2016 be fun- and color-filled as our makeup purses are. ✨

If you have some drugstore lipstick favorites, don’t hesitate sharing about them on the comment box below! If you’ve tried any lipstick on my list, share with us your experience and write your insights on it. I can’t wait to read them! 🙂 





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