life lately

Life Lately

Welcome to a not-so-new series in my blog called Life Lately, where I share bits and pieces of recent events in my life – both rad and sad.

  • Trying to keep up with working out but my brain refuses it
  • Disposing my books by donating them to a growing local cafe
  • Being domestic once again (help referrals, anyone?)
  • Taking care of mom’s lovebirds out of my own initiative
  • Wearing (and purchasing) more basics
  • Being addicted to facial masks… (read: forgetting to remove them after a certain period where 10 minutes become 30)
  • Witnessing the cats grow (and become annoying creatures who target everything and anything)
  • Trying to keep the faith no matter how tough some things are
  • Crying out buckets to a friend after keeping in the emotions for too long
  • Having too much caffeine (uh, remember when I was wide awake at 1am?)
  • Keeping in touch with an online friend (who I have yet to meet in person!!!)
  • Being supportive and proud (even though they may not know it) to people who are trying to make it big in this scary world
  • Having a fluffier bum (thanks, Z!)
  • Being extra sweet with Shane

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