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Life Lately | Volume 12


Life is a banana*.

Money matters – a lot

I am worried.

Particularly, about money. I recently discovered that even after more than a year of using Paypal, my bank account has not yet been verified so now I am unable to transfer my funds from Paypal to my bank. And now a hefty percentage of my money is sitting in my Paypal account and it might take me 30 days to verify it. And it sucks.

So now I’m thinking of ways that I can earn without my payment going through Paypal, so I can have money in my bank account while I’m waiting for my Paypal account to be up and running again. I’m thinking of blog ads, continuing my online shop, getting extra writing gigs that would pay me via bank deposit, and whatnot. My day job pays through Paypal so that’s a non-negotiable and I’d have to find other ways. God, adulting is so goddamn stressful. If I only knew, I would have drunk a magical potion that lets me stop aging at 12.

In summary, I need to earn more and spend less. May the gods be in my favor.

Decluttering my life for the nth time 

Other than that, I’m currently decluttering my e-mail. I meant to do this last week, but laziness got the best of me. I discovered that I’m subscribed to a bunch of useless crap, so I’m letting go of those. Not really crap, but things I can do without. I mean, do I really need to read Buzzfeed articles every week? I don’t think so.

For now, I can’t unsubscribe from blogs because then I’d need to check their blogs every now and then, which I suck at because I’m very forgetful (both with domain names and with checking) so what I’m going to do is delete the e-mail newsletters since I have my WordPress Reader to bombard me with blog posts every time someone posts something.

And with all these decuttering, no, I’m not reading Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I have a short atttention span and I can barely read an entire magazine.

Local films

To be honest, I rarely watch local films especially if they’re all sappy and corny, i.e. Enteng Kabisote franchise, mushy love stories with predictable endings. I just find them junk films. But lately, I’ve been into good local films, think Ma Rosa and Dukot, which I’ve watched just yesterday, by the way.

I feel bad for not supporting independent films enough. Dukot is not – it just has an indie film vibe, but it’s not. Jec keeps telling me about piso films but I guess I’m not cultured enough to know those. LOL. I need follow more indie acccounts on social media and be updated about what’s happening in my country. Seriously.

Skin care and makeup

I needed to restock on an eyeliner, mascara, and concealer, but at the last minute, for some magical reason, I got lazy to roam around the department store and buy the things I needed. I guess my point is it helped me save serious cash and now I will be forced to acknowledge my natural beauty. What?

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