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Life Lately | Volume 11

This is very timely.

A lot has happened just this week and I figured I could write some of them down. It amazes me how I am able to know more about myself as I read my Life Lately volume. Blogging has a really huge impact on myself as I can’t remember every single detail that happens to my day and my blog posts never fail to refresh my memory.

It has been a crappy morning, I’m not going to lie. But my day gradually became better as it came to a close and that’s when I realized that a lot has happened in my life enough to share them with you. But before I start, let me apologize for the lack of a header. I’m not sure if I want to stick to my current header style but I don’t want to leave the image space empty either, so there. That was a photo I took when Jec and I went to Roxas Boulevard two weeks ago. 

That said, I’m happy to say that I’m dating again. Wait, let me rephrase that – I’m dating, period. Out of all the then-boyfriends I had, this is the first time in 23 years of my life that someone has actually asked me out on a date, and Jec sure delivered it sweetly, I’ll give him that. I know it’s a small thing, but sometimes it’s the small things that matter. I mean, men: how hard is it to pop the question, “Will you go out on a date with me?” With my exes, it was usually a casual discussion of a hangout. Sure, there were some dates, but sometimes we want to hear men ask us out, right, ladies?

It’s just amazing how who was once a stranger can impact your life just like that. Since I met Jec, I found myself writing with more heart, more soul. I found myself dreaming bigger and wanting to make something more out of myself. And it helps a lot that we’re almost always on the same page. I particularly love how he has the same passion for writing because, being a writer myself, it helps to have some boost of confidence from someone who gets your flow and is willing to give you materials to become more creative, more raw, fresher with your ideas. Case in point, he doesn’t blog for the sake of it. Writing runs in his veins as it does in mine. But to admit to defeat, he’s a better writer, but I have a cuter theme. LOL. Check out his writings if you feel like it, link here. If you have a passion for life, love, personal growth, and the like, you will not leave his page empty handed, that I promise. Going back to writing prolifically, or so as I’d wish to, I wrote about our first date. I was that head over heels  for him that time – but I still am, in fact. *insert annoying kilig sounds* You can read the blog post here: Love, all over again.

Also since I met Jec, I’ve been having a bad case of a stomach ache. This is already the third week that I’m having a retarded diet of nothing but Gatorade, water, and one rice meal a day. That said, I also haven’t gone to the gym in weeks, except on that one Friday that I forced myself to go just because. I ended up having a bad session, to be honest. Basically, my gym membership is just but a donation now, seeing that I’m not getting anything from what I paid for. I miss the adrenaline rush, the urge to lift heavier, the sticky feeling I get while walking home, the pants and grunts I do. I even miss Chris, the PT. Well, that’s just Php 900 down the drain.

In light of that, I lost some pounds from not eating enough, drinking too much, and spending too much time on the throne. I don’t want to get graphic, but you get the idea. I guess this is just a retarded case of IBS – irritable bowel syndrome – and based on what I read, it takes days, weeks, sometimes even months. I’m not sure what to eat because some websites can be pretty confusing and contradictory, I’m just avoiding fibres and oily food. I’m not so successful on ditching oil, though. I get hunger pangs.

As you would have noticed, I changed my theme, just last night actually, and I’m pretty happy with it. I like how it is cleaner, simpler, and more out there if you get what I mean. The only thing is, I have no idea what to do with the header so it’s just blank like that. I’m not ready for a premium theme, and I don’t think I will ever be, but it irks me how the theme automatically filters whatever header I upload with a yellow tint. But I’m not changing my theme all over again just because of that, so I’ll let it be for now and figure it out later.

I hate how I’m breaking out again. It’s like when my face feels a wee bit clearer, my acnes start popping out like crazy. They’re such attention whores. I’m giving Kiehl’s a try even if it’s so expensive. Some credible sources have attested to its wonderful results. It’s also about time I invest in real skincare products. I’m so done with tea tree oil and Proactiv, so Kiehl’s it is for now. I’m just surprised that I can’t find any of it on online beauty stores. I don’t deal well with brick and mortar stores because I get pressured easily and tend to buy too much, which is sad for my wallet but happy for the brand.

If you have any recommendations for skincare products, please let me know! I’d greatly appreciate it. By the way, I have an oily face and I have PCOS – just brief backgrounds that might help.

Because I lost a bunch of weight, I mustered enough courage to buy a bikini for the beach where I was supposed to go to, but things happened, so for plan B, I’m staying home and working instead, as I usually do on weekends. I’m happy for losing weight, but I’m sad for losing it the wrong way. I feel weak most days and not eating enough is giving my head bad signals, therefore, I’m either famished, irritated or cranky. I’m trying to put everything under control, though, so it’s cool.

Last bit for this as I spontaneously remembered, ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK IS THE BOMB, YOU GUYS. I don’t want to finish Series 4 just yet, but I also don’t want to prolong it, and I want to watch as much as I can before I clumsily delete the app ex-boyfriend gave me, which is the only thing letting me free-watch on his Netflix account. LOL. I shall strike whilst the iron is hot. Nothing wrong with that, right? A girl has to do what she has to do to watch sick series.

So, all that said, how’s your life lately? heartbae

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