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Life Lately, Vol. 8

First of all, I should be working right now.

Okay, I was working earlier until I got a blog itch. This is nothing too heavy but I told myself I want to write a blog post this weekend – anything just to get the ball rolling. I have a few drafts, but I’m not in the mood to continue, polish, and publish them. It just doesn’t feel like the right time yet. It’s not yet the weekend, but I’m already writing this down because I feel it’s going to be a crazy weekend. So, life lately has been a roller coaster ride.

PS, I’m going to take this Life Lately post a bit differently. I’m getting tired of making collages so I’m just going to put photos here and there because I’m random like that.

I’m still uncertain how I want to keep my headers to look like. I’m currently experimenting between a block background for my texts or just an outline for the border. It still depends on my mood, and right now, I’m leaning over minimalist headers. #bloggerproblems Take this header, it doesn’t even complement my previous headers, but I can say it’s still my style and it looks “me”. Whatever, I have to stop pondering too much on this.


I am seriously starting to have a love affair with restaurant interiors and good lighting. I mean, c’mon, aren’t those photos cute?! Okay, I took them, but that lighting is the bomb and that brick-like counter is very Instagrammable, don’t you think?

I finally met with Clarisse of and I had the cutest time with her. I say cute because she’s so quirky in person and she was just bouncing with energy while I was my usual #tita. What I lacked in the socialising department, she had! LOL. We had lunch at Your Local and had coffee at Yardstick after. Then we strolled around and spent our remaining time together in Powerbooks because books. After, she went off to have dinner with her friend while I went on my way home.

Speaking of which, I also got a new book and I’m reading it little by little. Nothing fancy, just this.. (sure hope I smelled the sarcasm right there)

Also, I’ve been going to gym every single day since Monday. It is so addictive. I haven’t been doing more than I have, but I’ve been going every day and that’s a good start for me. I’m beginning to see muscles again and I’m really happy with it. Some good friends have been helping me get my game on and focus on what needs to be done. I appreciate people who support my fitness endeavors and are always there when I get confused or have a lot of questions playing in my head.

Okay, this doesn’t suit my current photo filters in this blog post, but I am in love with this filter on Snapchat. I haven’t been posting much on there just because we have been dealing with crappy Internet connection lately. Other than that, it’s because I would rather do my thing than snap photos all day.

I love, love, love taking photos after I workout and during my rest days. It feels amazing to see progress and witness your own hard work pay off. As Underarmour’s poster says, “You are the sum of all your training.”

If you want to be more updated on my fitness photos, I post usually on Instagram and Twitter. Feel free to follow me there, hit me up, whatever, you know the drill.

Going back to Snapchat, I’ve been crushing hard on Chris Pratt lately and since I don’t know how to save original stories, which I think I’ve done so before, I just screencap like crazy until my fingers get sore. I even stalked him on Google and went batshit crazy saving all his sexy photos~.

I finally tried Señor Pollo’s fried chicken. Some of you might hate me for this but I find the taste okay. I will be honest, though, I’m not big on chickens per se, much less fried, so never expect me to be enthusiastic about it. Why am I even talking about fried chicken? Anyway.

It’s been a crazy week so far, what with trying to juggle two jobs at a time and failing really bad at it, working out as much as I can, cooking dinner too late, sleeping late and not having enough energy for the next day, it’s been pretty much a dragging week. And I know it’s entirely my fault because I suck at time management. See, I should have been done with my Pinterest article by now had I not been too distracted with social media AND WHY AM I EVEN BLOGGING IN THE FIRST PLACE?!

But also, it’s my second time to contribute an article to Plump Magazine! Check out my article here. Hands down, Ysa is an excellent editor and content manager. She made my article look 10x better. HAH!

This is too sabog of a blog post, but it’s already 12:45 AM as I cap this off, so bear with me.



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