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Life Lately | Vol. 17

It’s funny how I didn’t do a Vlogmas for my YouTube channel because I thought this month would be uninteresting. Turns out I was wrong – it was far from uninteresting. So here’s an update on my life lately.

I thought of vlogging about this as a way of catching up with what I missed on this Vlogmas series, but then I remembered how I haven’t blogged anything that personal for a while now, so I’m doing this instead.

I hope you don’t mind.

So I guess this is going to be one of those random Life Lately blog posts and a little catching up on my own December in lieu of a Vlogmas series.


I can’t really remember how my December 1st transpired. I guess I just worked that day so it wasn’t anything special. On December 2nd, Jec and I went to Hospicio De San Jose for some charity work. I vlogged about that event so if you haven’t watch it yet, it’s already on my YouTube channel. Feel free to watch it anytime. ??

That day, Jec and I also went on a spontaneous shopping haul. I got new earphones and a mini tripod. Now I can vlog more easily. All I really need is a nice camera. Oh, and I also got around to filming two beauty vlogs. One of them is on my YouTube channel already. Here’s you go.

The other one is still a work in progress. I still have to edit it. But it’s a swatch of Kylie and Colourpop liquid lipsticks, so watch out for that. On December 3rd, I finally got around to writing this book review that I’ve been putting aside because for some reason I couldn’t finish the book. On the same day, I think I was able to write a blog post as well. On December 4th, my family and I went to Mayantoc, Tarlac for my lola’s birthday. I also made a vlog about it. You can watch it here.

On December 5th, I filmed another makeup vlog, “Holiday Makeup Look”. In that vlog, I also talked about a couple of things you should do if you’re a blogger and gave 4 different lipstick options for a festive holiday look in line with the nearing Christmas Day.

On December 6th, I went to Jec’s house to get these video clips I need for a documentary. It’s his job to edit the videos, but I volunteered anyway because I’m that kind of person. LOL. Aside from wanting to enhance my video editing skills, I wanted to help present the documentary in the best way possible. Another good reason for not vlogging every day – this one’s enough to take up a lot of time, patience, and Googling video stuff I don’t know.

So, you see, it’s been an interesting month so far. I guess the main reason that I didn’t do a vlogmas is because it’s going to take so much time, effort, and memory space to film a vlog every single day for an entire month. And I have too many ideas in general. I don’t want to make my life any more stressful by trying to execute every idea that I have.

Note: It’s pretty obvious that my vlogging is getting out of hand. So I decided to have a vlog detox until I actually miss vlogging already. That doesn’t mean I won’t be publishing vlogs alone. That also means I won’t be editing my videos. It gives me time to focus on blogging and on this project I’m working on. It is pretty timely. Things happen for a reason, indeed. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, don’t worry, you’ll know about it soon enough.


It worries me that something is wrong with me. I’ve been feeling sleeping lately and this is not normal for me. Sure, I get sleepy easily during long drives, but a few days ago while at Jec’s house, I slept on and off for a couple of hours and it’s unusual because I NEVER take naps in the afternoon.

My family has a long history of Type 1 Diabetes (or Diabetes Mellitus) and, of course, I’m not safe from it. I can be hit with diabetes anytime especially now that I’m no longer working out and I have no shame having that extra serving of rice. The only thing saving me from having diabetes is – was – my obsession with working out. And because I’m not really a sweets person. It’s the same reason I was able to get a life insurance. My younger brother was disqualified because he became diabetic a year prior his application. My older brother is close to or borderline diabetic now. So it’s good that he’s going to gym now as well.

It also bothers me how my hands are hurting again. I guess it’s from using my hands too much. I type, I text, I wash dishes, cook, do the laundry, etc. I guess it’s the little things that pile up and affect my system eventually. I have these arthritis gloves that I bought the first time that my hands hurt. I should remember to wear them. I often forget until my hands hurt from typing again and I can’t keep my hands working for too long.

For someone who has so many ideas buzzing in her head, that’s hard for me. I feel this constant urge to type down my thoughts or grab a pen and paper and bullet list as much as I could. Some weeks ago, my problem was intense hair loss. I thought it was because of the drugstore hair dye I used. Since I wasn’t committed to cutting my hair short again, I went to have my hair dyed. This time, in a salon and with the wildest color I could muster for now – red. I didn’t have my hair bleached so it’s not a strong red color. Currently, my roots are showing my black hair again.

Anyway, despite dying my hair, I still kept getting hair falls. That’s when I knew that it’s not the hair color causing this mane problem. It’s internal stress. I guess my body felt that I was no longer stressed so my hair fall started becoming normal again. Not as intense as grabbing on my ponytail and getting a lot of strands around my fingers.

So that has been my life lately. What’s yours look like so far?

PS, expect intense Photo Dumps soon.


  • Augustin Ra

    You should take a rest, Ate! I hope you’ll feel well this weekend and the coming days. It’s also good that you’re going to the gym and being active about it. Did you know I love watching your gym vlog? It motivated me to exercise more. Although, I don’t go to the gym. I just exercise here at home. Hehe! Take care always. 🙂


      Aww, thank you so much Augustin! You’re so diligent at reading and watching my blogs/vlogs. Haha! Thank you, that means a lot to me. I stopped going to the gym after that vlog (ironic), and I actually miss it. I miss the clanking of the irons, the sweating and grunting, even the soreness. I don’t want to workout here at home because I don’t find the environment conducive. But you gave me an idea! Maybe I can do a home workout vlog for those who don’t go to the gym. 🙂

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