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Life Lately | Vol. 15

I have spare time in my hands right now and there are a lot of thoughts running in my head, so I just thought of writing them down.

Work hard, work harder 

To start off, I’ve been doing a lot of writing gigs lately. I’m trying to earn as much as I can for this out of town trip, although sometimes my procrastination or laziness gets the best of me. I realized that it’s actually hard not to have deadlines for work because having the freedom to choose when you want to work is also having the freedom to procrastinate as much as you can. So I just make it a point to schedule the extra articles I have to write, and I try to write every day when I can. When I know I’ve exerted enough effort during the previous days, I allow myself to take a rest and just Netflix and chill after 5 p.m.

Netflix: Stranger Things  

Work aside, of course, there should be a time for play. Let’s talk about Stranger Things. I know I said I don’t like anything that’s alien-related, and I’m also not a fan of science fiction, but this one’s different. I finally took the bait and tried to watch an episode (chapter) and I will admit that I got a bit bored with it to the point that I was checking my social media accounts while watching, but after a few chapters, I was hooked. I’m not particularly excited about the alien, but more on the story, like what happened to Will, and why Eleven is bald. Yes, those are my main concerns. Also, Luke! Ah, that child must not grow up!

Note to self: Hold a shopping ban 

I’ve been having this itch to shop lately, and trying to save as much as I can, I know I shouldn’t give in to the temptation. I almost bought makeup the other day, but I was able to stop myself when I realized that I don’t really need them, and that’s when I was on the “Payment” step already! That was really close! I want to buy new clothes just for the heck of it and to revamp my closet, but I’m not really a wise spender and I tend to buy cheap clothes that do not suit me well, instead of investing in staple pieces. Anyway, I resorted to looking up outfit inspirations on Pinterest and reading Fashion + Beauty articles on They didn’t fail. My camera roll and Pinterest board are now full of photos that would help me decide which clothes are basic enough that I should invest in them.

Does being forgetful make me a bad friend? 

It’s Nikki’s birthday today! And I don’t have a gift for her! Yikes. She’s busy this month but we plan to meet up in September, which I honestly thought was her birthday month. How shameful. But here’s a question: Does it really make you a bad friend if you don’t remember your friends’ birthday? This is not a rhetorical question. I need sound reasoning.

Blogging + Helping blogs come alive 

I was thinking of changing my theme earlier, but I did a long hard look on my blog and criticized what I could. It turns out that I don’t really need to change it because it looks completely fine, maybe I’ve just gotten used to it that it’s starting to bore my eyes. But other than that, maybe I just wanted to see something different. Having an old theme is not an excuse to not blog anyway. I mean, really, is it all about aesthetics now? Isn’t passion the root of it all?

In line with blogging, I helped my younger brother accessorize his photography blog earlier. It took me a few hours to apply what he needed to see on his blog, but I think I did pretty good. And I’m happy to help. I was supposed to work but I wasn’t really in the mood, and my brother seldom asks for my help, so why not, right?


  • What’s a good restaurant in Makati?
  • I wish I didn’t remove my earrings. Now I have to look for them from under the drawers. Gross.
  • I am so tired of being perpetually hungry. I want to have my period already. Seriously.
  • I need a nice blotting powder. My face’s level of oily can already cook an egg. Recommendations?
  • Again, why is Eleven bald? Can someone just please answer this for me?! Please?!


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