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Life Lately | 6th


According to my entire Life Lately blog posts, this is my 6th. For what it’s worth, I’m doing another one because I feel the need to vent out some kept emotions and who’s a better audience than my blog readers?

I know I’ve been blogging consistently, or so I think, but I haven’t really been sharing about my life lately. I feel unsually down right now so this might come off as a sadder blog post than what I’d do on a normal day. Brace yourselves, though, as this will be a bit lengthy.


Shane and I are not talking as much recently since he’s jumping from one city to the next to catch up with his family and his friends before he goes here to the Philippines. The last time he was here, he only spent 2 weeks with me and he even stayed in a hotel. This time, he’s staying for a bit longer and my family is letting him stay with us in our house, partly to help him have lesser expenses, partly so we can spend more time with each other.

We don’t have a guest room so he’ll be sleeping with us in our bedroom since it’s big enough for a few more people. I’m lucky he’s not a picky guy – he doesn’t have any problem sleeping on the floor. In fact, I have a bigger issue with it than he does.


I wrote about Chewy’s health condition recently but the following day, he passed away. It was such a sad day for me and mom especially. She didn’t want to spend any more on cremation even though it was what I wanted so we could bring Chewy’s remains home, but in the end, we just buried him in some safe and quiet ground.

In other news, mom and I went to Cat Cafe Manila after Chewy’s burial and we thought of adopting a cat (she wants a kitten). I went over CARA’s website and from there, decided that I actually want to adopt four animals if that’s even feasible – Shaira (from Cat Cafe Manila), Antonio (from CARA), Peggy (from CARA), and Pamela (from CARA). If I had the liberty to choose, I’d get an adult cat because they already have their own personalities so they won’t have a hard time adjusting to a new home.


I have a few things to share on this:

  • I feel kind of down since I felt that I’m not getting the amount of readers I expected. I don’t have a particular number in mind and I’m fully aware that this blog was born so I could express, not impress, but writing for others is hard when no one really reads it. It feels I’m wasting time perfecting my headers and planning out my blog posts carefully when it ends up unread most of the time.
  • Every time I’m about to write a makeup product review, I stop myself because I don’t want to be branded as a beauty blogger. There’s nothing wrong with it, but it’s just not my thing so writing about it sort of makes me itch, but there are honest to goodness products that I also want to share to others in hope of helping them with their beauty/skincare problems.
  • I realized that it’s okay to admit your insecurities and admit that the hate you feel towards someone else is actually love you were trying to hide.
  • I wrote my first monthly favorites blog post: January Favorites. I hope you take the time to read at least this one besides Life Lately.
  • I’ve been obsessed with my blog lately, which is the reason I made a spontaneous decision to change my header and my blog’s wallpaper. I keep trying to perfect it even though nothing’s really wrong with it.
  • No matter how much effort I put, I feel they’re not enough and I’m not putting myself out there and exposing myself and my blog as much as really want to. I don’t know what else to do.
  • Being on social media is so tiring and sometimes, it’s not even worth the effort.


We finally have a house help, thank God. I will admit, it’s such a huge relief for me. The timing was right as I had to work on research-heavy articles. I wouldn’t survive doing my work and the household chores on the side all by myself. Having someone around as my extra arms does a lot of help. I’m grateful.

I haven’t been cooking much because no one’s eating much and because of it, I’m losing my appetite with food. I’m hungry almost all the time but do not have appetite to eat. It’s like food is not an exciting part of my life anymore, which is actually sad.


It’s been weeks since I last stepped foot in a gym (once) but I’ve been MIA for about two months now from working out consistently. I guess it’s been bothering me lately because I’ve been getting weird dreams about working out and having a hard time because of my recent weight gain. I get my moods and this is me talking low right now.

I honestly feel I need to workout before Shane arrives (in 2 weeks’ time as of this writing), so I would have some warm-up, but I don’t feel like working on my physical self although I kinda loathe how my body looks like now. I gain weight so fast that it doesn’t take long to gain back what I lost and lose my motivation and self-belief along the way.


I’m pickier with the makeup I buy now. I’m trying to buy drugstore products that work well with an oily to combination morena skin so I don’t spend so much while I test products and find what works good on me. As with skincare, I’m finding products that keep my pimples at bay. I hope this stays the same forever. It’s so tiring to take care of a face that won’t cooperate with your efforts.

I have some product reviews drafted but I don’t know when I’ll get to sit down and write them. Again, I kinda feel awkward writing makeup product reviews.

But for now, you can read this and this.


I’m trying to be more intentional with my time by spending it wisely. So far, the Pomodoro works well with my current lifestyle, I just have to take more frequent breaks when everything feels too overwhelming already.

I’m also trying to stay away from material things by reminding myself that I already have all I need and a few other things I get will be just extras.

I’m having a little issue with my personal attitude – I’m angered too easily and I get irritated at the most shallow things, but I hope this is just a temperamental mood swing and has nothing to do with my permanent attitude over anything and everything.

Now that I’ve let out some things, I actually feel a bit better. It feels nice to blog about something personal without having to think of what others would think about it. 

If you reached until this part, I’d like to congratulate you for sticking around. Don’t hesitate dropping me a line and sharing how your life has been lately. 

Stay a little bit longer, will you?





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