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January Favorites


This is the first time I will be doing a monthly favorite blog series so cross your fingers for me that this will go smoothly. 😀

To be honest, I never found the significance of doing monthly favorites but this January, I found myself uttering, “Wow, this thing is amazing. I want to share it with others,” and so I started writing down some of my things that make me feel giddy. I don’t know the rules of doing this blog post so I will be just random and spontaneous about it, which I am personality-wise.

So let’s start! 



Okay, how do I even start? MUJI’s pens are amazing. I’ve never felt so excited to write since getting a number of colored pens from their Robinsons Magnolia branch. Their pens write really smoothly and the colors are very pigmented, even if it’s a light color.

Noticed that the light blue pen has a smudge of pink ink on the cap? It’s because I left my pink pen (the one on its right) open in my pencil case the entire night and saw it just the following day. I’m so sorry, ink.


I got the green, orange, and blue pens just yesterday because I was starting to lack colors in pens when I write in my planner and in my journal and I’ve also been itching to get new pens since last weekend. I finally fulfilled that itch yesterday.

I still have two more pens from MUJI but for the sake of aesthetic, I didn’t include them in the batch but here they are!


These ones write really light, though, so I rarely use them, mostly to emphasize some of my writings or to decorate texts.


I also have the black Muji pen and it’s such a nice coincidence when I got it because since then, they phased out their black pens. It writes really nice and I feel bad that mine won’t write anymore even if it still has a lot of ink. All other of my black pens do not write as nicely so now I only write with colored pens.



I finally found a product combination that works well on my skin. I have very oily skin but when it’s in the right mood, it can be dry, too. I never run out of pimples, that’s for sure, but my face has a lot of scars from previous breakouts and from constantly picking on my face (more on this on my Beauty Bad Habits!) so now I’m suffering from a scabby face. Not cute, I know.

2 months ago, Shane got me the Proactive Integrated Acne Treatment Set* and I can say that it has worked well for me. However, since the bottles come in small sizes, I finished the facial wash and the face mask within weeks and now I’m starting to dip my fingers in the repairing treatment bottle because the product’s too few to squeeze out now. But a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do. Proactiv’s facial wash is too mild for me and I don’t feel that it’s really cleaning my face from all the dirt and gunk so I went back to using my Celeteque facial wash, which I’m more hiyang with.

Shane and I got the Proactiv set from this website and the 30-day kit costs Php 2,495 inclusive of delivery. I believe you can also buy a set from any Watsons branch.



In line with my previous skincare favorite, I also recently discovered this magical tube of cleansing foam from our shower pantry. I kept forgetting to bring my Celeteque facial wash in the shower so I looked for a temporary facial wash, which eventually became a permanent love. I love my Celeteque facial wash, it works really well for me and keeps my pimples at bay, but this product is way cooler. It completely rids of my sebum and I think it also whitens my face a little. I don’t like its floral scent, which most facial washes have, but I can ignore that for the quality of this product.

I tried googling this product to give you an idea how much it costs but I can’t find this exact one. Neutrogena has too many products!



Call me shallow but this is my current obsession. I never really cared about lip balms until I realized my lips were starting to chap really bad from using too much matte lipsticks (heads up, ladies) and I thought drinking more water would fix it but nope, so I finally decided to get a lip balm from Beauty MNL and if I were to get myself a skincare, I want to make sure it would really take care of my skin (and my lips!). After reading some pretty good reviews, I got the Carmex Moisturizing Lip Balm in Strawberry and I don’t think I’m using any other lip balm but this.

It has a really nice strawberry scent that’s so addicting and leaves this minty taste on your lips. For Php 139, you get your money’s worth. I apply it every night before I sleep and when I wake up the next day, my lips feel plump and soft.



Okay, enough about beauty and skincare, let’s talk about another one of my loves, notebooks! As if I’m not persistent enough, I had to get myself a blogging notebook for my blogging ideas and whatnot. I couldn’t find a notebook that suits what I need so I made my own.

I got a blank notebook from MUJI (hehe, I love that store) and made my own calendar. It’s sort of a sketch pad because of the thickness of the paper but it’s fine with me since I tend to write harshly and hurt my journals in the process.


This is the second page of my blogging notebook. “Wow, ang OC niya.” No, this is still messy by my standards. You should see my 2015/6 journal, everything is plakado, you know what I’m saying?


This is the first page of my blogging notebook. Ahh, hurts my eyes! I wanted to be creative but I guess being organized does more good to me. You can say that this notebook is HUGE. It’s as big as my 13-inch MacBook Air and is quite thick because of the hardcover. It’s also a bit expensive for close to Php 500 and the paper quality is really precious so I’m trying my best to preserve the spaces and use them up only for really good writing and not to quickly jot down notes – I have a separate notebook for my mess.

At one point, I thought of buying watercolor paint to decorate my blogging notebook and maybe to also learn hand lettering, but we’ll see.



Okay, how can I even forget my favorite planner from my favorite coffee shop? CBTL has become my sanctuary during late 2015 and so I had to get their planner, which has a lot of nice things in it. If you have The Giving Journal, you’d know what I’m saying.

This suits my style because the pages are thick unlike Starbuck’s 2016 planner in collaboration with moleskin. The pages are insanely unforgiving and it just looks tacky (for me, ha!). I don’t get why so many are so hooked on their 2016 planner! I admit, their old planners were way nicer.

Anyway, with The Giving Journal, instead of writing down my notes and to do’s, I use it to jot down the mini highlights of my day, no matter how extravagant or humble they are.


Look, we’re not even through with the first quarter of the year and I’ve already accomplished some things from my 2016 vision list and without referring to this list before doing them, ha!

  • Be more body positive
  • Ignite my faith
  • Reach my ideal weight size
  • Expand my network
  • Have an article published online 
  • Make a new long-term friend
  • Better blog
  • Meet my sponsored child
  • Save up for a big trip


One of my #Brew2016 experiences was encountering this lady who encouragingly let me sit with her as I charge my laptop because my charger’s cable is too short. Heh. She was really nice and although we didn’t really talk, I could sense a positive vibe from her. Before she left the coffee shop, she jotted down some stuff on her planner and boy does she write legibly.  She was across from me and even if she was seated beside me, I would in no way spy on her writing. That’s one my pet peeves! I equally hate when people look over your shoulders to see what you’re doing on your phone, like, ever heard of privacy?

Anyway, why am I venting out? Here are more photos of my planner’s content.





To make my life simpler and in an attempt to finally use my planner’s coupons, I cut them individually and taped each one oo the first page per month. I haven’t used my January coupon yet and it’s the last day today! Huhu.



I found this book lying around our house and since then I couldn’t stop staring at it like it was calling me to read it. It’s worth the internal struggle though and following my instinct. It’s a really nice read and I never felt the need to read before I sleep until this book. It made me realize a bunch of things but it all amounts to one thing: Pray so you’ll receive Jesus every single day in your life. I’ve been reading this for a few days now and I can’t seem to finish it no matter how much I read a day. But to be completely honest, I don’t want this book to end! It’s too nice! Oh, the struggle. :'(




This may sound corny for some, but hear me out on this one! I love, love, love, highlighting my books when I read. I can’t read a really nice passage and let it slip past without highlighting it. If I want to go intense, I even talk to my books and jot down my personal thoughts and opinions. I was having my nails done yesterday and reading to pass time and I didn’t want to just read so I was having my right-hand nails done while I was holding my book and highlighting some passages with my left hand. The lady doing my nails kept staring at me and I know it’s a weird habit of mine but that’s how I roll.

I love my green twin liner highlighter but it ran out of ink so I had to use this M&G Point Liner in yellow. I prefer the color green since it’s relaxing to the eyes but this will do. A part of me doesn’t want to buy a new highlighter because I’m close-fisted with some things, even with books. Hehe. Huhu.


Just some photos to prove my point. These were all grabbed from my Instagram account. Please do follow me there if you haven’t yet!



I’m so happy when I finally found a pencil case that suits my style. I used to place my pens in my notebook mesh bag but I would always end up digging deep into my bag before I find any pen. Having a pencil case is so much more convenient and organized. This is where I place all my Muji pens!

Here’s a collage of my January favorites for easier reference:

janfave collage.jpg

Wow, that was extremely long to write. If you reached until this part, kudos to you!

What about you, have you got some January favorites? Join in on the conversation and leave a comment below or even better, write your own blog post on it and tell me about it so I can read it, too. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

May every month be your favorite,

*Stay tuned for my final thoughts on the Proactiv set. I’m writing a blog post about it soon!  

P.S. Did you notice my photos look way nicer than in my previous posts where I share about my iPhone 4’s sad camera capability? It’s because I finally got my own DSLR for my blog photos! LOL just kidding, I borrowed my younger brother’s Canon EOS 700D. I used to have a Canon  1000D but it was stolen got lost. *insert unamused face emoji*





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