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The Sunday Currently | Vol. 5

I hate having to add “Vol. 5″ right after saving the header because I just remembered putting it at the last minute to be consistent with all other The Sunday Currently volumes. But anyway, it’s the first time I’m writing Sunday on an afternoon instead of before sleeping, so this should be more interesting..


Kevin Kwan’s Crazy Rich Asians. Ahh, it’s so good!


The Sunday Currently Vol. 5, and Books I wanna read before I leave earth


Sound come off from the fan, sounds coming from the other room (not sure if it’s music or a movie)


Why my neck is hurting so bad and what’s happening with my body. I’ve never felt so sick before with different kinds of pains hitting me


Nothing in particular. No, I do not have any lovely, scented candle Aunt Marie got me from the thrift market last Thursday, or some sort.


I actually make more money……… #adulting #coping #beggingmoney


Not sure if this is any different with wishing, but hoping I would get rid of regretful thoughts soon and my back/neck & tummy ached would go away pronto


H&M dri-fit sweater. LOL. And checkered boxers. Of course. Oh, and my eyeglasses. Never forget the eyeglasses.


Shane for being the best boyfriend I could ask for, my love of books that’s slowly making a comeback, fat lose from being sick. How bout that.


Real food, I guess. A juicy, fat cheeseburger that won’t upset my stomach


More painkillers for my back. Or permanent pain-free back


My muscle spasm acting up again. Dang. It.


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