I am loved.

“The most treasured memories are the ones we don’t talk about.”

It is true that when something beautiful happens, we find ourselves at a loss for words to properly describe how we feel. There’s just no way that we can encompass that special moment with just a few letters. So often times, we stay mum and keep those to ourselves. 

Tonight is an exception, I want to bear it all and I want to remember exactly how I felt this night when I go a few pages in my blog and cross upon this post once more. 

As cliche as it may sound, everything does happen for a reason. God has a way of making things fall into place, despite how rocky the road may be. We tend to be impatient with our prayers but if we would just hold on a little longer, we will eventually see the light at the end of the tunnel. All we need to do is to trust the process, to trust that we are on the right path – that we are on God’s path. We often hear but do not listen. We throw tantrums when we don’t get what we wish for and end up doing what we always wanted to do anyway, even if God says no. 

People may come and go, some may just pass by, others will stick around for a longer time, but regardless of how long you’ve been together or have known each other, they had – or still have – a purpose in your life. There were there for something. There was a reason you crossed paths. God is such a rockstar in the most awesome way possible. He’s got these funny ways of making people realise things. He uses people as instruments of His love and His power. I can’t exactly write down how I feel (I told you so) but I know that God knows what I’m thinking. I am grateful for every single blessing he bestowed upon me. I feel richer than anyone else because I know He loves me with absolutely no limits. That is something no one can ever steal away from me. He fills me with so much affection and love, that the whole universe does not have enough space for it. 

I have always been an open book, but I never thought Our Creator is capable of writing words on my pages that are even more beautiful than before. I have had scratches and dark spots on my book from too many attempts of erasing bad memories, but like a marker to a concrete wall, everything is solid and permanent, and I accept all of that. But with every turn of a page shows a blank canvass that welcomes a new story. Every day, a new beginning. 

Indeed, He is the Alpha and the Omega. He is the way, the truth, and the life. I am ready to feel like a newborn baby, this time with a clearer vision, a more open heart, and a stronger sense of responsibility to touch other people’s lives. 

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