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Getting to know Bae: Vol. 2

I know that I still have a lot of backlog blog posts to write, even way back when we went to Sagada earlier this year, but being a random person that I am, I thought of doing a blog post that would help you, reader, learn more about me. I know a lot of bloggers have their own ways of having their readers know them more, and I actually Googled some list of questions I could answer myself, but I remembered having these screenshot of questions in my phone, which I actually intended to ask someone else while getting to know each other, like when I meet a new friend. That was the intention. I found the questions amusing, so I thought why not turn it into a blog post instead, so I would stop thinking of my content and let my answers do the talking?

In total, there are 57 questions, but I couldn’t pick the ones I wanted to answer, so I made a poll, and not even knowing what the corresponding questions were to the numbers, a lot picked #45 so I will go ahead with that one. It honestly feels strangers want me to get something out of my chest. Haha!

So, let’s go! 

#45: Biggest worry

Being a millennial, my biggest worry right now is not reaching a certain level of financial stability, or not having any financial freedom, at that. But I guess this is not a worry that’s only reserved for people my age. Everyone worries about money, but I know a lot can relate to this. Sometimes I take life lightly and dance around like I’m having the time of my life, sometimes I worry about the littlest of things and ponder on every decision I have yet to make. I’m an “if this then that” kind of person, so it’s difficult for me to cope when my plans don’t push through the way I want them to.

By that, I also worry about not having any possession, security or entitlement when I get older, like my own house, my own car, a fat bank account ready to be enjoyed during my retirement, an entitlement for a good life insurance, etc.

#49: Last message received

I’m actually talking to Iris of Earth Love Skin right now! We’re always swapping ideas to each other and trying to share tips on how to be more efficient, productive, and fun at work. It’s hard to do something you don’t enjoy, amirite? We talk too much about goals. LOL!

#13: What I did yesterday

Interesting question. Yesterday was a long day. I woke up early and since I couldn’t sleep anymore and didn’t want to waste time on social media, I got up and started working. As luck would have it, my 3G was enough to provide the Internet stability I needed. I worked all day in the room because that’s when I get the most stable connection. I just had to endure the heat and try not to collapse of heat stroke in the middle of writing an article. LOL.

Then, I went to the gym to workout come 4 PM. It was a good workout, I challenged myself because why not, I went home exhausted, and I had dinner by myself while catching up on How To Get Away With Murder. Guys, that show is to die for! No pun intended. Of course, I was so hooked, I just had to continue watching it until I was cross-eyed from being sleepy. By midnight, my grandma vibe was kicking in.

#34: Pet peeves

Oh, too many to list, but at the top of my head, leaving your dirty dishes on the table when you can simply put it in the sink, people looking over someone else’s shoulder to see what the person is doing on his phone, public comfort rooms with no hook locks (I panic and think someone might barge in), people who spit on sidewalks, and peeping toms.

#31: If I won the lottery

Assuming we’re talking about millions of pesos, I would allocate a portion for my child sponsorship and increase my donation, donate to another NGO, buy a house for my mom, pay what’s left of my life insurance plan, even increase it most probably, and invest in a business.

Wait, are all those even financially possible? But a girl can dream, right?

#57: Last thing I drank

Water! I’m a heavy water drinker. A part of my gym membership is filling my Kleen Kanteen tumbler several times so I get what I pay for with… water.

#24: I’ll love you if..

If you fully accept who I am, if you know how to ride with my flow and get me as a person – my quirks and my pet peeves. If you can take in my pains as you do my pleasures, if you want to grow with me yet let me grow on my own when the time and situation call for it. I will love you if you love me back, with the same amount of sincerity, how a friend loves a friend more than a mere lover.

#4: Best first date

To be completely honest, I’ve had my fair share of good and bad dates, but for the first date, I have yet to witness it myself. So, nope, no best first date yet. Hopefully, it will happen to me.

#11: Someone I miss

No one, really. Is this the most boring question or what? Haha!

#23: Places I’ve lived

I haven’t been out of the country so I only lived in the metro, really. For my own safety, let’s not disclose the specific locations. 😛

#27: What I’m doing tomorrow

Good question, I will most probably try to work but fail at it because I would rather “embrace the weekend”. I like my extra work, though, but sometimes I just want to take a rest from writing articles and write something that’s more me, like, you know, blogs.

#17: How my last kiss went down

If my memory doesn’t fail me, I believe it was a quick one. I woke up in the middle of the night to pee and Shane was still awake. Before I went back to bed, I gave him a peck on the lips. I don’t remember kissing him again after that. We broke up days after. Pretty fucked up, huh?

#1: Sexual orientation

I am heterosexual. Duh, I like hairy legs and veiny arms. LOL. But then, wait… That doesn’t speak for the gender, does it?

#8: Biggest turn offs

I hate when people are lazy, more so when they proclaim too much how lazy they are. I hate when other people do not respect others’ time and be lax about meetings to a point that they are always late and it’s become a norm already. I find it a turn off when somebody can’t accept a simple compliment like saying thank you when you’re called beautiful. Turning down the compliment is not cute or humble, it’s rude.

#18: What I find attractive in the preferred sex

Physically, I like a rugged looking guy. I like man buns and big biceps, chest hair and strong legs. Height is also a big factor for me. I’m not so tall, but I’m not small either. I’d prefer a guy who stands about 5 inches above me or more. Personally, I would prefer a moreno over a mestiso any time of the day.

I recently realized that I love a man who smiles a lot and has a sense of humour. A genuine smile is always attractive. You don’t have to be a Thor to be likeable. You just need to be sincere with your actions and to be yourself. Confidence is also key. If you want to say hi, just do it. Walang mawawala. You might even find a friend in me. And may I remind men that it’s already the 21st century? Life is too short for torpe’s.

#2: What I’m really bad at

A lot of things. I suck at time management, I’m socially inept, I don’t socialize well but I kinda blame it on my resting B face as well. I also tend to be naive and blurt out things I shouldn’t (it’s already gotten me into trouble lately, frankly). I suck at math, I am bad at keeping my stuff organized – I usually just put my stuff where I can or dump them all in my bag. I also suck at applying makeup and moving fast. I am such a turtle even when at my fastest, so I waste a lot of people’s time. I suck at being calm because I am always worrying about something. I am bad at focusing on work because I easily get distracted, but they say those who are always distracted are creative people, so. 😛

#20: Favourite icecream flavour

Double dutch, just because there are nuts to chew. I love munching on something, I think eating a plain icecream alone is boring. I still can’t believe Dairy Queen put down Caramel Cashew from the menu, it’s my favorite flavour! I am still not over it.

#19: Pets

Crazy, but I used to have a dozen cats. Some died, some were asked for, some we had to get rid of. Today, we have 4 dogs and 5 lovebirds. I still miss Audrey every now and then, especially now that I have no human friend to be with me when I need help.

#42: Do I like where I am now?

No. There’s always a worry that I will lose what little I have now and that I have to act soon – and fast. But there’s also a voice in my head reminding me to slow down and enjoy the ride, to cherish what I can and let the Universe do what should be done. Sometimes no matter how much we want something, it’ll only be given to us when the time is right.. and when we are really ready for it.

I hope this has been a somewhat useful content. LOL. If not, then I’m still glad it’s made its way in my blog. This is just me blabbering on and sharing stuff about me because I believe it’s the essence of blogging – we know a little bit of everyone over time, don’t you think? 🙂

Thanks for sharing with me your time,

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