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How I Became A Fitness Ambassadress Feat. Fit Access PH

The gym is my safe haven. It’s where I go when I have too many toxic thoughts floating in my head. It’s where I go when I doubt myself but persevere to prove those doubts wrong.  The gym is my happy place, suffice to say. Likewise, I find joy in being an inspiration for others. I find satisfaction in people’s comments that I helped them, that I continue to inspire them, that they started working out because of me. Me. Like, for real?

When I started working out some years back, when I was in 3rd-year college, specifically, I didn’t see myself being a “fitspiration” to anybody. Good Lord, I was so far from that. A few years after, I would look at my bodybuilder inspirations and silently think to myself, “I wonder how it feels to be in their position.” I even had this crazy idea  of entering a bodybuilding contest to prove that I can do it, that I’m stronger and more capable than I think.  

A year later, here I am, a fitness ambassadress. I know, it’s not that huge of a deal, but this works for me.  I don’t take fitness lightly, both figuratively and literally. So I consider things like this my little wins in life. One day, I hope I make it big while staying humble and grounded. It turns out that those low-quality home workouts I filmed on a whim are not useless. People notice – my work, my dedication, my passion, my ups and downs.  They come with me in this journey called fitness.

Now let me share with you some things that come close to my heart – gym, workout variations, safe space. 

As Fitness Access PH welcomed me onboard as the brand’s fitness ambassadress of the month, I couldn’t help but think, “I want to pour my heart and soul into this. I want to spread the word. I want people to know about this amazing website because it deserves more attention,  more audience,  more recognition. I see great potential in it.” So here I am writing about Fitness Access PH. 

But what is it exactly? 

Here’s a glimpse of what Fit Access PH is all about:

How I Became A Fitness Ambassadress Feat. Fit Access PHSo first of all, I love how it’s true to its name. You can literally access different sports and fitness studios across different cities in the Metro.  Access, CHECK! Fit Access PH is a booking platform that caters to tech-savvy millennials and on-the-go professionals, and encourage them to find their joy and passion in fitness. Fitness, CHECK!

So I can work out in different studios, but what about the programs?

Fit Access allows members to enjoy a wide variety of fitness activities in all its partner gyms and studios. Members can choose from different workout categories that suit their mood and match their fitness level.  Fit Access, a mobile-friendly website, was created for individuals at any age and fitness level. Whether you’re a busy professional planning to start a new fitness regime, a fitness enthusiast wanting to try something new, or an athlete looking to cross train, the platform has all the fitness activities and group classes you can possibly think of. Overall, Fit Access PH has 40 partner studios, and counting! Think of all the possibilities!

Feel free to filter the categories, locations, and rates according to your needs!

Members can check class schedules and book a class at their favorite studios with just a few clicks, making it doubly easier to attend a session. No more hassle to go to a gym, check out the place, decide on a workout, go back, yadda yadda. You can do all that online. And I believe that’s pretty neat considering we pretty much do a lot of things online now. Its accessibility and user-friendly interface makes finding a class a breeze.  

What about payment? This booking platform looks promising. I’m sure it’s expensive!

Say no more, fam. Fit Access offers a “pay-as-you-go” service, where members can book and buy only for the classes that they use. Classes on Fit Access cost up to 50% less than the studios’ walk-in rates. I mean, why should health be so expensive, right? With Fit Access, there are even passes as low as PHP 50!  No kidding.

Beyond daily classes, members will also receive exclusive deals from partner establishments such as discounts on gym membership packages, fitness workshops, and free invites to health and fitness events. Visit to know more about their partner establishments and other offerings!  

How I Became A Fitness Ambassadress Feat. Fit Access PH

So why Fit Access PH?

Co-founders Ia Hernandez and Natalie Cruz, are both athletes who want to share their love of fitness and help others find the workout that fits their schedule and taste.

“As athletes, Ia and I know that fitness is more than just a lifestyle but a way of life. With Fit Access, we hope that Filipino professionals can incorporate any fitness routine they like into their weekly schedules,”

says Natalie Cruz, a Girevoy (Kettlebell) Sport athlete, IKSFA Level 2 Coach, and a current student of ACE Personal Trainer Certification.

Fit Access is suited for each individual’s needs and simply designed to help you try something new and discover your new favorite fitness activity. Co-founder Ia Hernandez adds,

“Our platform is perfect for those who are just easing into fitness and would like to try an activity first before committing to it. If they’re thinking of picking up a new hobby, Fit Access is definitely a great platform for that as well!”

How I Became A Fitness Ambassadress Feat. Fit Access PH

Cities to locate Fit Access PH

I totally agree with Ia’s statement. I know a lot of my friends who try this and that program to see which one works best for them. It can get pretty tiring. I know so since I’ve been there before. And even professional athletes switch up their program from time ti time. There’s no harm in that but when you see yourself committed to a gym you don’t like on Day 2, that’s a thick rope to cut especially if your sessions have already been paid for. Yikes. Been there, done that! I believe it’s important that studios allow us to test the waters without pressuring and bombarding us with gym fees and trainer rates, don’t you think so, too?

I personally haven’t gone to any of their studios yet but I’ve got my eyes locked on a few programs such as Archery and Kettlebell  Strength. I’m hoping to visit their studios soon so I can finally share my thoughts on it!


What about you, would you try out Fit Access PH?
Feel free to comment your thoughts below!

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