Finding Purpose in Discontent


There are days when work is simply tolerable, days when it is purposeless, days when it fills your heart – no matter what job you have, it happens.

Growing up and taking responsibility for your life and your everyday choices means understanding that you cannot always find joy in what you do. Some days, you will be left with an intense desire to just give up altogether, quit, and leave. After all, this is your life.

We are all presented with this grand idea that this is the only way to deal with discontentment – to move. Find some place else to fulfill your heart’s utmost desires but believe me, spend a few more months in the same place, and the cycle will just repeat itself.

Some seasons of our life seem to take forever.

We exhaust ourselves in the waiting, never truly seeing how we are being molded in the present. We look for purpose elsewhere, finding ways in which we can change the lives of others not seeing how our characters are being perfected through the everyday stillness of things.

In these moments of restlessness and frustration, see how you are being made into a better person where you are planted. How do you communicate with your colleagues? How do you handle conflict and stress? How do you take on assignments you know you can gain nothing from?

This is how we are refined – through the little, insignificant things that truly make a big impact.

“And where does faith come from? How does it grow? In the soil of empty hours, as much as in busy ones. Faith grows with time.“ (Relevant)

Elisa does it again. <3

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