Embrace the Face

Why do we women love falling victim to society’s “beauty standards” of us?

Why can’t we love ourselves first before other people’s opinions?

Why do we love photoshop-ing ourselves?

Why can’t we post #selfies without them shamelessly undergoing several filters and/or edits beforehand?

Why do we have such a hard time embracing who we really are, accepting our flaws, and not placing ourselves under the constant pressure of what other think about us and our looks?

Why is it so hard to accept to embrace our God-given uniqueness?

Why is it that when we’re having a bad day, we feel the need to swipe on a red lipstick to make ourselves feel better?

Ladies, a single tube of lip makeup is not the answer. It is within you.

Why do we stop ourselves from enjoying our day just because of a “bad hair day”? Why do looks seem so much more important than anything else?

Why do we keep “fixing” our faces, is there something wrong with them?

Why do we feel compelled to be in our best dresses when we go out, hoping a friend or two would notice the necklace you’re wearing, or the new pair of heels you bought that other girls would kill for?

Can’t we just enjoy each other’s company and have a good time?

Looking at my photos, I feel ashamed for trying to make myself “more beautiful” because I know that I can look beautiful even without the cosmetic filters.

The only problem’s in my head.

It’s in my head.

It’s in every woman’s head.

They say happy girls are the prettiest.

I say, you can only become genuinely happy once you start being yourself.

You don’t always have to be prim and proper.

But you can be beautiful.

And beauty starts in you, with you.

Start loving yourself more.

I promise, it will do your heart good.


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