life lately

Life Lately

  • Challenging my physical strength
  • Reading for leisure again
  • Time to reflect about my life and other personal queries
  • Gaining back my faith +
  • Being more adult about certain decisions
  • Learning the basics x Appreciating local products
  • Gaining better, bigger guns
  • Becoming a better me

Life has been good lately, it’s not the fireworks kind of good, but I’m not complaining. It honestly feels like God is giving me a time-out from everything else to focus on myself and knowing myself better. I haven’t received any manuscripts to work on, yet coincidentally, I went back to reading books again, both for leisure and for self-improvement. It’s also giving me the chance to ponder on some things that I didn’t really find time to think about. Coming from me, that’s pretty deep. I also hoarded a bunch of feel-good and self-help books on my Kindle account, which I recently learned how to use. Lol! I always thought I would have to have a credit card for me to get an account but apparently, I can get it for free, and hassle-free.

Physical fitness is very important to me and I always find it a moment of shame whenever I walk up the stairs or a steep path and find myself panting when I get to the top. I always take it a sign that I’m not taking care of my body so I make it a point to  workout, not to punish my body, but to test out how strong I really am. I recently purchased a kettle bell, something I’ve been wanting for some time now, and it made me realize that I have much to work on. During my first attempt with some KB exercises that were new to me, I found myself struggling and being out of balance. I never saw the importance of being balanced until then! Eventually, I got the hang of it. Those kettle bell exercises are really testing my strength and patience, I should say!

With regards to being more “adult” with certain decisions, I found that it’s helpful to think things through before doing them because it’s better to make smarter moves than make decisions on a whim, and without really considering things. This goes with me and Shane talking about his second visit, and about future life, generally. It also applies to being mature emotionally and getting rid of teen-anxiety-filled-dramas.

Shoe selfie not fine, it’s Danah’s, from Plump Pinay. Through her Instagram post, I discovered Yakang Yaka Barter, a local store that sells local products made from weaving, such as bags, sandals, flats, mats, and such. I believe that they donate part of the proceeds for a good cause, I want to buy a pair of their lovely sandals but I am still thinking about it, and I have to do more research on it.

So that’s what’s been happening with my life.

How’s your life lately?

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