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    10 Things To Do When You Can’t Write A Blog Post

    Have you ever been in this situation where you stare at your laptop screen all day but no words come out? You want to blog but your mind just won’t function, your fingers won’t function. In other words, you feel that this is just going to be an uneventful day where you attempt to blog but fail. Sounds familiar?  You want to blog so badly, but can’t. And you’re almost going crazy from trying to figure out why. Honestly, I have the complete opposite problem. I have too many ideas, but out of practical reasons, I can’t write 3 blog posts in one day so I try to calm myself…

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    The Pros and Cons of Freelancing

    Freelancing was never a concept to me before. It was pretty much non-existent, to be honest. I never pictured myself being where I am now. Heck, I couldn’t even picture my future self when I was in high school, much less in college. But this is where I am now – freelancing. So I’d like to share some tidbits about freelancing with you. And you’re probably here for a good reason.  You’re looking into freelancing but you’re not sure where you’re getting yourself into.  You’re currently a freelancer and life is so hard and omg am I the only one feeling this so lost and alone… You’re simply curious how…

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    Female Sexual Dysfunction: A Silent Burden

    Here’s something we seldom talk about but should – sex. But I’m not talking about just sex. I’m talking about love making, relationships, real orgasm, and sexual health. March is women’s month, and I think it’s timely that we talk about things concerning women. Our country is starting to talk openly about menstruation (thank heavens, we’re finally catching up with other countries!). Other than that, another subject that seems so taboo (still) but shouldn’t be is, you guessed it, S-E-X. So, yeah, let’s talk about sex, baby.

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    A Century Of Philippine Art: 100 Art Collections at Century City Mall

    Socializing has never been a strong pursuit for me. I am a certified homegirl that finds solace in quiet moments and in activities done with a small group of people. So when Iris of Earth Love Skin made me her plus one in the Century Of Philippine Art Exhibit last September 22, I was ecstatic and nervous at the same time. It had been a long week for me, and I could not think of a more a perfect way to battle the blues than be surrounded by art.

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    Debunking Freelancing Myths

    Image source For the second time, I am writing this because *stupid* WordPress didn’t save my work. I want to be pissed but it’s not going to do any good and this blog post is not going to write itself. To be honest, frustration is what fueled me to write this. There are too many assumptions about freelancers that are just downright wrong and I want to correct them. Right. Now. Going back, though, I am still frustrated that WordPress didn’t save my previous work because I had such a good article going. Like, ugh, why?! I worked so hard on it. *side glance emoji* But anyway, let’s cut to…

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    Perks of being a Freelancer (and other things I learned)

    I have this, shall I say, odd quirk of being extra kind when I’m pissed off. It’s like my way of unleashing my fury within and letting light shine instead of me being rotten in the darkness. I was pissed off in a hundred different ways earlier this evening – okay, maybe that’s a bit exacerbated but you know what I mean – and all I could think of were the cons of freelancing, so I decided to switch it around and blog about the pros of it instead. I was reading an article earlier about being a freelance blogger and it had really helpful tips in it. But in…