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    Self-Love: Body 

    On serendipity, I started my #selflove journey on the first day of the year. I was curious so I picked up this book and things started to flow from there. For the longest time, I had struggles with my body. But the biggest challenge so far was in 2017 when I lost control over my eating. I became complacent. Albeit his constant reminder to be mindful of what I eat, I knew my boyfriend accepted me as a whole, flabs and all.

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    This Year I Promise To Try

    Last year, I didn’t even try to do or be anything. For the most part, I settled. I accepted where I was, what I did, what my everyday looked like. I didn’t have aims to be anything or anybody. I didn’t call the shots and I just went where people dragged me. It was both exhausting and uplifting, good and bad. 

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    The Most Intimate Makeover Ever

    V-Restore: Women Taking Control of their Health and Satisfaction A lot of us women are scared of having ourselves checked down there – that’s a fact. While vaginal health is important, it often takes a backseat due to various reasons including fear, embarrassment, and misconception. We often feel embarrassed of sharing our reproductive health problems so even if we have to, we delay going to an OB-GYNE, or worse, never go at all. The only time that we do go is because we’re pregnant or are planning to be. Aside from getting a wax for hygienic purposes, we ignore everything else our ladies need. But vaginal health is important. So let’s…

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    Budget Self-Love Dates For Introverts

    More often than not, our minds need a break without us knowing. We shrug off our stress – whether internal or external – and go back to our business. But when the worst happens – like a major mental breakdown you didn’t see coming – you need to take a break from your routine and face the elephant in the room. When we experience some sort of mental distress, it’s almost always unexpected. And we don’t always have the budget to blow to take care of ourselves. So we just sulk and feel bad for being broke human beings.  But upon holding my own self-love dates, I realized one major…

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    Van Gogh Is Bipolar | My First Dining Experience

    It’s been months since I wanted to check out this particular restaurant. I read what few reviews I could find online, checked out photos on Instagram, and bombarded Jec with questions. I was convinced that I was gonna love it nevertheless. The reviews online were enough to make me want to go there ASAP. Finally, I got enough moolah to spend on a fancy dinner so I made a reservation and finally, a week ago (October 15, 2017), Jec and I went to Van Gogh is Bipolar along Maginhawa St. in QC. 

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    My (Current) Nighttime Skincare Routine

    Over the years that I have been existing, I never had a complete (or decent) skincare routine. I always found a way to be inconsistent or to forget about it. But Korean skincare was so much a trend that, one day, I just found myself having so many steps to follow and half of the time, I didn’t know what was for.  Over the previous months, I’ve been getting compliments on my skin. It started with my mom telling me my face has been brightening up, followed by compliments from relatives I haven’t seen in a while. They even as so much ogled at my face and wondered how the dark…

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    My First Ever Boxing Experience

    Over the past week, I’ve been trying my hands on boxing – literally.  Kickboxing was something that I incorporated into my workout program some years ago because I loved the hype it brought me every time. It was the perfect mix of cardio and strength training for me. Although it didn’t really make me lift weights, it was enough to test my endurance and fitness. Kickboxing makes me pant like crazy especially if it’s a workout video by Jillian Michaels!  I never really thought I’d give boxing a shot until now. Anyway, kickboxing is different from boxing.  On the other hand, my boyfriend is a huge fan of boxing. He…