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    This Year I Promise To Try

    Last year, I didn’t even try to do or be anything. For the most part, I settled. I accepted where I was, what I did, what my everyday looked like. I didn’t have aims to be anything or anybody. I didn’t call the shots and I just went where people dragged me. It was both exhausting and uplifting, good and bad. 

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    2017: What Went Down 

    2017. How do I even start. It was a whirwind of all sorts. By far it was the most stressful, yet the most beautiful in every way. I gained and I lost. Yet I want to believe I gained more. 

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    December Accomplishments

    And just like that, 2017 is coming to a close. We always complain about the days being too long. but we near the end, yet we wonder where the year went. As always, before we close this book – not just a chapter – I want to share my December accomplishments. 

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    My ‘Anxiety’ Story | #WorldMentalHealthDay

    #WorldMentalHealthDay was just around the corner and I’m just about to write my entry on it today. On October 10, I witnessed a lot of my online friends posting about #WorldMentalHealthDay. I honestly didn’t know such a day exists, but I’m glad it does. I saw close acquaintances and strangers tweet their thoughts, share their own experiences and recovering tips, post their stories on Facebook, and basically celebrate the day. 

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    That Wedding Made Me Feel Something

    Have you ever felt this strong desire to take care of someone? That you feel you have already met the person you want to be with for the rest of your life? That you don’t even want to be sick because you want to be in your best health so you can take care of this person? 

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    16 Things I Accomplished Last August

    It’s already the middle of September and I’m still in denial. I looked at my bullet journal this morning and saw “11” staring back at me. I was kind of taken a back. I was surprised. 11? As in it’s already September 11? I couldn’t believe it. 2 weeks left until October, then November’s gonna roll in. Then it’s Christmas time, then a new year all over again. I know I complain about the days being long, but I didn’t see this year rolling in this fast. 

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    Of Relationships & Marriage

    I’m writing this on a rainy Wednesday afternoon, and I’m doing so just because. Not for the views, not for the plugs, not for the exposure. I just want to write like I did before, like how it’s really supposed to be. Yesterday was Jec and I’s first anniversary as a couple – we celebrated our 1 year of being friends a month ago. It was nothing special. He didn’t visit me, didn’t bring me flowers, didn’t bring me food, didn’t surprise me in any way at all. Sure he greeted me and sang me a song, but that was about it. As I said, it was nothing special.