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    #BaeTravels: Banaue Trip Day 3

    Hi, guys! I know I am already so behind on my Banaue blog posts, so let me make it up to you by writing this 3rd volume out of the 5. We spent five days in Banaue, so naturally, I would be writing 5 blog posts as well. On our third day, we woke up to the sun shining brightly at us, we had a hearty breakfast (mom’s choice), and then we went to Sagada for a quick trip. Ready for Day 3? Let’s go!

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    The Manila Bae: Exploring Manila By Feet | Vol. 2

    I didn’t know that my The Manila Bae blog post would have a second volume. But since I don’t have a specific title for this blog post, I used The Manila Bae again. I hope you don’t mind. We did explore Manila. It’s just difficult to think of a particular title when we went to so many different places. Anyway, Jec and I went on another #walkathon date. Why do I refer to it as that, you may ask. Well, for the simple reason that we literally walk the entire day until our feet hurt or we have nothing else to do or it starts raining and we have to…

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    A Day in Manila

    I woke up this morning dreading the day ahead. I’ve never been particularly fond of Monday, but it was somehow harder for me to get up because I’ve been MIA from work for weeks because of my recent dengue so that somehow meant that I needed to start from scratch and tap the writer in me. Fortunately for me, work is light today, so I don’t have to go on full-blown writer mode. My tasks are enough to put me back on track. Having spent the last few days in the hospital and at home made me crave for an adventure again. The last time that I was out and about…

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    Bae Takes Banaue | Day 2, Part 2

    For my work, I was assigned to work on travel articles that focus on Europe. Of course, Wild Spirit immediately came to my mind. I may or may not have referred to it several times while writing. Anyway, writing all about travels, of course, I couldn’t help but yearn of traveling myself so I made a spontaneous decision to finally blog about my trip to Banaue. This is honestly starting to feel like a blog series as it’s clearly taking me forever to finish blogging about our 3 days there. Anyway, let’s have a recap on my last Banaue blog post. The last thing I mentioned was going to Sagada and how…

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    Bae Takes Banaue | Day 2, Part 1

    Our day 2 was too long and we did so much (or maybe I just took a lot of photos?) so I will be chopping this blog post into two parts to give justice to our trip’s 2nd day.  On our second day in Banaue, I was already awake by 6:07 AM to take photos of the sunrise. I was the first one up and everyone else was having a good slumber.. because why not when you’re in a really cozy hotel up in the mountains?! My photos do not give justice to how breathtaking the sunrise looked. I can still remember how it felt – it was so cold…

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    Bae Takes Banaue | Day 1

    As promised, my family and I went to Banaue over the weekend and despite just my 2nd time to go there, the trip seemed shorter. Okay, well, I was asleep majority of the time, to be fair. It seemed only like yesterday when I first took a glimpse of our famous rice terraces in flesh. Nothing much changed with the place except it was less cold. Nevertheless, it was still every inch beautiful. Let me take you back to that weekend and share with you how we spent our first day. Come this way! 🙂

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    Bae Takes Baguio | Day 2

    And I’m back! Well that was one day down again. Work out, fun in. I mean, of course, you can still have fun while working, right? As long as you love or like what you’re going, then you’re good. But nothing is more fun than meeting the weekends, amirite?! I am so psyched that we are going back to Banawe – it’ll be my second time! – but for now, let me take you back to last weekend’s trip, our second day in Baguio City, to be exact. Let’s go!