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    Photo Dump: Oh Wonder Solo Concert in Manila

    About 3 months ago, I checked off an item on my bucket list – #46. Go to a concert. On July 21, 2017, at the Samsung Hall of SM Aura, Taguig City, I saw Oh Wonder perform for the very first time. Back then, I had no idea about their music, their duo, etc. Basically, I was clueless. But I’m happy I got dragged into this concert because now I have new artists to listen to. I had Jhanzey with me that time so I was able to get a rundown on who Oh Wonder is, what their music is like, what I should expect, etc. 

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    Chill For Work Playlist (Spotify)

    I’m normally not very picky with the songs I listen to when I work. I usually listen to my Jazz playlist or The Piano Bar as my go-to playlists; when I’m feeling a bit adventurous, I go ahead and explore music on Spotify. That rarely happens, though, because I like staying in my safe zone. However, when I want to really focus on work, I can’t be bothered to jump from one playlist to another. I just want to settle with one playlist (preferably with all songs I would like). But we know there’s no such playlist like that on Spotify. One way or another, you’d be forced to create…

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    My Thoughts On: Music x Indie Music Scene

    Let me be honest with you, music is not so much of a big deal in my life. I do listen to music, I do have a Spotify account, but it’s not something I can’t live without. On the contrary, ever since I met Jec, he has brought me to many wonderful gigs. He was also the first one to bring me back home at 3 a.m. HAHA. Anyway, I find that I enjoy acoustic setups more than complete band setups, but I do enjoy music 10x when it’s live and I can watch the artists up close. There’s something captivating about seeing artists play their instruments with passion, or when…

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    Filed under: Brain Pickings | Jimbo on Writing

    This will be a quick blog post. I woke up, showered, and prepared my things for work. I opened my Internet browser and went on Facebook. I saw this post by Jimbo, as fans know him by, but his real name is Mark Alexander Cuenco. I had a huge crush on him since I discovered his Twitter account (even before he was interviewed for having sexually provocative tweets) and fell in love with his words. But not just that, I’m in love with his talent, with his passion, with his sense of who he is. Now I find this post of his very timely as I struggle and, at the same…

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    Slow Dancing Mixtape via Spotify

    I should be working right now. But instead, I’m blogging about this playlist I created on Spotify throughout the day while working. I woke up with butterflies in my stomach. Albeit late, I woke up happy. Out of the random of randoms, I ached to hear John Mayer’s Slow Dancing In A Burning Room. I was feeling all light and tingly, and this particular song inspired me to create an entire playlist, because love. 🙂 I named it Slow Dancing because this playlist contains songs that I’d want to listen to while slow dancing with Jec in a (burning) room. I know, I know, too much cheese. But to be…

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    Laging Ikaw | Jess Santiago

    Laging ikaw sa aking puso/ Laging ikaw sa aking isip Dahil ikaw, tanging ikaw ang pag-ibig Ikaw ang pook ng aking saan Ikaw ang petsa sa aking kailan Ikaw ang bilang ng aking ilan Sa bawat paano, ikaw ang paraan Sa bawat bakit, ikaw ang dahilan Dahil ikaw/ Tanging ikaw/ Laging ikaw ang pag-ibig

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    About Last Saturday Night: Kimukatsu x URBN

    I can’t stop thinking about last Saturday night. I still have this club vibe lingering in my system and focusing on writing about travel articles is the last thing I can or want to do. I didn’t know partying would bring this ecstatic feeling to me because I have always been a self-proclaimed #TitaOfManila and was always easy to find club goers distasteful. I can’t stop thinking about last Saturday night so I’m just going to write about it and blurt out the juicy details. God forbid someone who’s not supposed to read this.