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    Self-Love: Body 

    On serendipity, I started my #selflove journey on the first day of the year. I was curious so I picked up this book and things started to flow from there. For the longest time, I had struggles with my body. But the biggest challenge so far was in 2017 when I lost control over my eating. I became complacent. Albeit his constant reminder to be mindful of what I eat, I knew my boyfriend accepted me as a whole, flabs and all.

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    The Most Intimate Makeover Ever

    V-Restore: Women Taking Control of their Health and Satisfaction A lot of us women are scared of having ourselves checked down there – that’s a fact. While vaginal health is important, it often takes a backseat due to various reasons including fear, embarrassment, and misconception. We often feel embarrassed of sharing our reproductive health problems so even if we have to, we delay going to an OB-GYNE, or worse, never go at all. The only time that we do go is because we’re pregnant or are planning to be. Aside from getting a wax for hygienic purposes, we ignore everything else our ladies need. But vaginal health is important. So let’s…

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    BDJ Women’s Summit 2017: Women Can, Women Will

    We started Women’s Month strong, let’s end it strong, too.  Last Saturday (March 25), I attended the BDJ Women’s Summit 2017 in SM Aura and had the most inspiring afternoon ever! There was a great line-up of speakers and as per usual, I went home with my notebook full of scribbles and my bag packed with freebies. Let me take you back to that wonderful Saturday afternoon I had. Hopefully, you’ll get inspired as I did.

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    An Advocacy Towards Self-Love & Body Positivity: Queen City Plus

    Do you know that thing couples do when they send each other memes and tag each other  on Facebook posts they think the other would like? Jec and I do that all the time, to the extent that it somehow becomes annoying for others. LOL. Sometimes we send each other jokes, and then there are days that we tag each other on events and other things that the other person is fond of. He has tagged me several times on some body positive photos because that’s my thing, but the other day, he gave me this link to a Facebook page. I thought I was looking at a typical advocacy…

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    The twins Stacy and Danah published their online magazine Plump’s October issue and with it came their campaign for women to embody their flaws by embracing them and being totally okay about it, despite the remorse that comes from other people. Funny how others find it easier to despise our bodies when we give the complete opposite treatment – we love our bodies endlessly and claim that beauty indeed is in the eye of the beholder, and that’s us! Stacy dropped me a direct message on Instagram at 10 pm on Thursday, asking for my Facebook name. She said she needed to tag me on a post. I had no…

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    Dear Fat People

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1VUrOxRUsE?feature=oembed&enablejsapi=1&origin=http://safe.txmblr.com&wmode=opaque&w=500&h=281] Oh, this is so beautiful! I LOVE YOU GRACE HELBIG!! Comedy can be such a powerful tool and the last time I checked, it was supposed to make you laugh, not cry. Fat-shaming is real and NA proved it 100%, officially making herself one of the bullies. That’s it, it’s all about ‪#‎respect‬. (Oh I’m sorry, Arbour, does my hashtag offend you?) How can you talk about something so sensitive in such a klutz manner? Where’s your humility? Ever heard of compassion, even? Making you “lean” doesn’t give you the right to shame on fat people, in fact no one does. Grace is right, doing it comes off as…

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    Things I Learned From Being Fit

    For years that I’ve worked out and tried to be fitter, I may have read a dozen or more articles from losing weight, gaining muscles, eating right to packing sick abs – every ladies’ favorite, I should say. I’m far from being an expert but I got a couple of tips and tricks I picked along the way. So now I’m writing this blog post, in hope of helping beginners out there to finally get their fitness journey started, because as they say, sucking it up now is better than sucking it in later.

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    Embrace the Face

    Why do we women love falling victim to society’s “beauty standards” of us? Why can’t we love ourselves first before other people’s opinions? Why do we love photoshop-ing ourselves? Why can’t we post #selfies without them shamelessly undergoing several filters and/or edits beforehand? Why do we have such a hard time embracing who we really are, accepting our flaws, and not placing ourselves under the constant pressure of what other think about us and our looks? Why is it so hard to accept to embrace our God-given uniqueness?