I already have a personal list of bloggers I follow, however, I have this habit of binge-reading when I miss reading a  particular person’s words, thoughts, and opinions. I tend to focus on that person’s blog and read at least three posts in one sitting. Thus, I decided to make a blogroll that I can refer to when I want to do just that. This is a hodgepodge of different bloggers and niches, so feel free to explore the list. If you know a blogger who has the same interests, posts, and niche, please let me know! I love meeting new bloggers and eventually making new friends! ❤️  

PS, I categorized these bloggers according to where I see them fit.  If you’re on the list and you think that you belong to a different category, give me a heads up. I’ll gladly move your link elsewhere. ?


Wild Spirit by Camie Juan  |  Earth Love Skin   |  Greta’s Junkyard   |  The Pickiest Eater In The World   |  Explore With Corinth   The Wallflower Secrets   |  Wandering Ella  |   Justin Vawter  |  Rookie Mommy   |  Wifeyville   |  Indie Spirit   |  Wander B  


Get Mom Strong  |  Tough Girl


Spell Saab   |  Coffee and Weekends   |  A Potato’s Blog   |  Roseypep   |  Bittergourd Experiment    |  Jojomei  |   Jericho’s Walls   |  Superaena  |   Dianne Wonderland  |  Nichie Enriquez   |  Starlight, Star Bright   |  Stephy Macasaet   |  Karen  Roldan   |  The Diary Queen  |  Andy Thousand  |  Miss Understood


Bless My Bag   |  Scatterbraintures   |  From A Distance   |  V❤️V   |  She Makes Him Known   |  Claudine Ann   |  Reeejoyce


Inky Cherie   | Artistic Dreams    |  Which Craft PH   |  Mariaisquixotic   |  The Blank Polaroids   |  Shoot  Eat Write |  The Jamie Jab  | Shayne Nuesca


A Momma Abroad   |  The Wild Flower   |  Richel Goes Places  |  The Secret Traveller  |  Travelling When Pregnant