Bae takes Baguio | Day 1

Bae takes Baguio | Day 1


Let’s take a moment of silence and marvel at how cute this header photo turned out.


Okay! Now that’s done, I realized that I do a lot of planning, writing, drafting, jotting down of ideas, blog posts, and whatnot, but don’t do enough of the blogging itself. I guess I just find it awkward to post as much as 3-4x a week. I’ve written a lot of articles about business blogging and have even done so with heavy research, and the recommended  number of blog posts (if weekly and depending on the nature of your business) is 2 to 3 posts, but I’m not sure if bloggers out there really submit to that number.

Anyway, enough blabber and let’s proceed to our family trip to Baguio City last weekend! I should have done this days ago but since we’re going to Banawe this Saturday (Good Lord, thank you!), I feel more compelled to publish this blog post now so I wouldn’t have any backlogs when we get back next week.

Let’s go!

5:20 A.M. – We were all packed and ready to go. It was still dark and I remember my younger brother, Estong, telling me that it’s a “long night” that’s why.

7:06 A.M – We pulled at a stop-over and had breakfast at Kenny Roger’s. I wasn’t happy with my food. 🙁 I’m not usually picky with what I eat but my meal was simply unforgivable. I don’t remember the food station we stopped at along NLEX, but it’s the one with DQ, Starbucks, Jollibee, and Cafe France, from what I remember. I ordered the Ham and Cheese Omelette Meal but it seemed like the egg has been in the fridge overnight and they just sprinkled ham and cheese on it for five minutes while it was cooking. I ended up finishing the extra macaroni mama ordered.

Kenny Roger’s Ham and Cheese Omelette

I was so sad. Breakfast is so important for me, KR crew!!!! I was particularly excited about the toast which turned out to be just wheat bread!! Such deception.

To make up for it, though, I saw the sunrise and it could have been prettier had I taken a shot when it was so blinding, but a shadowy photo is equally nice.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg
So pretty, right?!

12 P.M. – We reached Baguio City! We went straight to Igorot Lounge, the hotel we stayed at, and took the chance to take photos of the pine trees and everything else we could while mama was checking us in.

I found a furry friend
Pine trees across Igorot Lounge (our home for the weekend)

12:15 P.M. – We went to Mile-Hi Center for lunch. Little John’s will always be a comfort place for me. Although it tasted like their Baby Back Ribs lacked seasoning (or maybe it as just me), everyone else enjoyed their food so much that mama even asked me to take photos of their food individually. It was the first time I wanted to refuse as I wanted to eat already. Haha.




Afterwards, we all walked around and looked at the shops. Mama entered this store to look at perfumes and makeup and she was taking so long that I just took the idle time to put on makeup because it was about time – I looked too pale and boyish with my makeup-free face and short hair. 🙁

2:05 P.M. – We went to the market to get mama’s anito’s which she makes a point to get some of, whenever we go to Baguio because she likes all things ethnic. I’m actually not sure if taking photos of their products are allowed but it’s pretty obvious that I’m taking photos yet no one tried to stop me. There was even this man in the corner who just stared at me the entire time.

Just some of the things they sell

We also went to the fruits and vegetables section of the market which was insanely big. It’s far from the palengkes in Manila and it felt a bit different seeing people fully clothed in jeans and shirts because it’s naturally cold there while people in Manila would just go by in shorts and a tanktop. I took a video while we were walking around so I could just take a screencap of a particular clip I like, but I haven’t reviewed the videos thoroughly yet so these legit photos will have to do.

I discovered this trick lately when I took a video of me flexing for a progress photo. HAHAHA. Hah. :/

Just look at how wide the walkway is compared here in Metro Manila!!!

3:29 P.M. – We headed to Mines View next. We made a split – kuya and Estong went to buy bottles of jam and spreads from Good Shepherd while mama and I went to Barneys Burger, a burger joint on the terrace just beside Mines View Park, to take photos and eat corn. 😛


I don’t think a lot of people know of Barney’s Burger. But then, how could you not know about it if it says so in the brand that it’s legendary?! Haha. It’s actually good but seldom people go there (based from what I saw) because it’s kind of hidden. Here’s my view from up the stairs:

Seems recognizable now?
Ahhh, so many vehicles!!!

My phone was down to 2% that time (I remember so clearly!) and I didn’t stuff my power bank in my bag because I didn’t know I would be taking so much photos and using up my cellular data often so I just used mama’s phone to take photos of the mountains from the viewpoint. There were so many people and I’m usually forgiving but, this time, I just had to brave the crowd and be selfish if I really wanted to take photos.




So many people. Whyyyyyyy.

Also, I do not understand why people just LOVE taking selfies with the view as their backdrop. IT MAKES NO SENSE. If I were looking at your photo album on Facebook, I want to see the place, the views, the place! Not your face! If you want to be included in the photo, at least, be minimal and let the beautiful view be the focal point of the image, not you. So irritating.

Anyway, as I used mama’s phone and she hasn’t uploaded the photos yet, I will update this blog post when I get the photos from her Facebook account.

4:46 P.M. – We went back to the hotel to drop off kuya because he wanted to stay behind while we go elsewhere and take photos of the sunset because I’m a nature freak and Estong is studying different subjects to enhance his photography skills.

For authenticity’s sake, I’m not touching any of the photos and letting them be so you would clearly see how I took them using my phone. (I’m currently using an iPhone 4 so some of the photos might have lower quality than expected.)






When we couldn’t take a decent photo of the sunset because everything was being blocked by the mountains (I still saw glimpses of the fog and it’s so freakin’ breathtaking!), Estong and I found mama playing in the swings. #Adulting #Winning

There was this huge park with a lot of picnic tables and a carpet of grass, I just don’t what it’s called. It was the first time that I felt like a kid again. I’m so old the swing alone makes me dizzy already. Huhu. I don’t know how amusement parks will work for me.

6:03 P.M. – We went back to the hotel to pick up kuya for dinner. We dined at Tapa King but it wasn’t very fulfilling so we stopped by Ayala Techno Hub for some dessert and to look around. There were so many nice restaurants, I wish we ate there instead! 🙁 This is already at 7:13 P.M.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset
FIC’s Almond….. Forgot the name. Huhu.

We also stopped by ROX when mama asked me what was in there and I just said it’s a nice store. That’s just me because I’m into outdoor stuff. She ended up buying three caps for her and one for me. I intend to use this for my workouts since I’m not really a cap person when I go out.


9:37 P.M. – Remember the spreads I mentioned earlier? We really aimed for that! Typing that wants me to go back to Baguio, in the exact same room we rented, and finish a bag of pandesal with peanut butter all by myself. It wasn’t even that late yet but we felt drugged already. Estong and kuya went to the Night Market so it was only me and mama left in the room, indulging in our cups of 3-in-1 coffee and a bag of pandesal.

I want some right now. Huhu!

After our kape’t pandesal session, we decided to call it a night as one big adventure awaited us the next day that required us to wake up as early as 4:30 A.M. It was worth it, though. So, so worth it! Overall, it was a good day. ✨

Stay tuned for Day 2!




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