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    Self-Love: Body 

    On serendipity, I started my #selflove journey on the first day of the year. I was curious so I picked up this book and things started to flow from there. For the longest time, I had struggles with my body. But the biggest challenge so far was in 2017 when I lost control over my eating. I became complacent. Albeit his constant reminder to be mindful of what I eat, I knew my boyfriend accepted me as a whole, flabs and all.

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    This Year I Promise To Try

    Last year, I didn’t even try to do or be anything. For the most part, I settled. I accepted where I was, what I did, what my everyday looked like. I didn’t have aims to be anything or anybody. I didn’t call the shots and I just went where people dragged me. It was both exhausting and uplifting, good and bad. 

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    Over The Weekend 

    It’s kind of a challenge being positive today as I’m nursing really bad stomach cramps due to my period. But it might not be that bad – I just don’t get cramps so maybe I’m not used to the feeling.  Anyway, bad stuff aside, it was quite a weekend for me. Albeit having to spend a couple of days by myself almost the entire day everyday, I got to take advantage of those days by spending time with my guy. 

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    2017: What Went Down 

    2017. How do I even start. It was a whirwind of all sorts. By far it was the most stressful, yet the most beautiful in every way. I gained and I lost. Yet I want to believe I gained more. 

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    December Accomplishments

    And just like that, 2017 is coming to a close. We always complain about the days being too long. but we near the end, yet we wonder where the year went. As always, before we close this book – not just a chapter – I want to share my December accomplishments. 

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    Our Balangay Sunset Cruise Experience

    A week ago, Jec and I joined a Balangay Sunset Cruise at Roxas Boulevard. I almost didn’t go because I was feeling lazy at the last minute, but since we already made reservations, we still went. And I enjoyed it a lot! Motion sickness and phobias aside, it was refreshing to be away from the noise of Manila even for 2 hours. There were less than 20 of us in the Balangay, so it was pretty intimate. The boat could fit more people, but I guess they really intended to make the cruise for a close group of people. I’m not very good at describing my experiences and recalling all…