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A prayer


Today, you are 22. In a few years, you will be reading this again and laughing with tears in your eyes.

You are restless, exhausted, yet hopeful. For a future that blossoms with infinite possibilities. It may be too tiresome, but you were made to dream. Every aching atom in your fragile body cries out for a promise that is solely yours.

Please forgive yourself.

There are countless of days when you spend too much time escaping the now, breathlessly racing towards the future, forgetting to take in this beautiful mess, the glorious chaos. You pass by life unaware of the tiny inconveniences that make up your story. It may all seem like random accidents but there is a relentless Love so selfless, that brings all–ugly, crazy, beautiful–things together for your good.

Wait it out.

Your timeline is not someone else’s. Please have patience in your weary, stubborn heart. Breathe and take it all in. Take all the time you need to grow. You are greater than you believe.

Let your wounds transform you.

Cry out when you are pained. There is no shame in breaking down, in feeling unworthy, in wrestling with your faith. You need to hurt to discover more about yourself. Stitch every wound with kindness, and let it be transformed into something greater than yourself.

You are not alone.

Be present. Let your heart be open to Love. When you are overwhelmed, remember that Love is great enough to carry the weight from and with you.

I pray you never forget what you are capable of. Hold onto your faith when all else seems impossible. You are becoming.

A prayer

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