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Filipinos’ Love Affair With Buffets Feat. 7 Flavors

Us Filipinos love buffets for a good number of reasons like bonding with loved ones over food, getting the most of what we paid for, and trying out different dishes.

Bonding over food.

Filipinos are known for their love of food. Think Fiesta. You can just go to random houses in your neighborhood and ask for free food to commemorate the day! Fiestas are like open buffets since you can eat all you want.

Another think with Filipinos is, no matter what the occasion is, we love celebrating it over delicious meals. Graduation? Wedding? Birthday? Anniversary? Expect abundant food on the table. All else out of the picture, we just love bonding with our loved over food. If not in a fancy restaurant, we cook meals at home and encourage friends to bring their share. 

Trying out different dishes.

I’d like to think we have enough odd foods on our plate – literally and figuratively – that we’re so willing to try out different cuisines, which includes foods from different parts of our own country. You can’t really say you’re adventurous with food if you have safe orders. Where’s the fun in that if you’re going to a buffet?! Indeed, one thing you can expect from Filipinos is that they love challenging their palettes! 

Making the most of what we paid for. 

Admit it, you love anything that’s sulit whether it’s a 30% discount from your favorite store, a Buy 1 Take 1 promo or an affordable package at a buffet restaurant! Filipinos are fun to bring to buffets because aside from not being picky (read: highly appreciative) with food, we eat a lot! This makes a buffet package even more sulit

* * *

Good thing buffet restaurants such as 7 flavors exist! Upon entering, you’ll notice the wide 2-floor venue that can accommodate hundreds of diners – perfect place to invite over your entire baranggay! LOL. On one side of the 1st floor is the generous array of food warmers waiting for you. *drools*

7 Flavors is a HUGE place. You can actually hold company parties there and make the most of the abundant food they serve! Aside from the standard Filipino food, they also serve Japanese cuisine, Western cuisine, and a bunch of desserts, including our famous halo-halo, for your sweet tooth. Yum! 

Situated along A. Mabini St. in Addition Hills, you can say the 7 Flavors is just in the neighborhood. No need to go out of town to enjoy buffet packages as low as P900 for two people! 

Have you tried 7 Flavors yet?

196 A. Mabini Street, Addition Hills, 
San Juan City
Call: (+63) 02-543-0325 / 721-0653

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