Brain Pickings: Online Articles I Love

Brain Pickings: Online Articles I Love

Ahh, Friday.

Once upon a time, there was this girl who promised herself to let nothing in but good vibes every Friday of every week. That would be me. But guess who’s feeling down in the dumps at the moment? That would also be me.

I’ve been meaning to write a blog post on my 23rd birthday, which my family and I celebrated in a lovely resort, but I couldn’t find the time to sit down, edit the photos, and pull a long, photo-heavy blog post for you. But don’t worry, it will be worth the wait! All I can say is that the place is amazing and every corner is Instagram-worthy. That alone should get you excited!

For now, I’m dumping these online articles I find really compelling. I am a voracious reader. If I’m not slaving away with articles, I’m reading some on my various social media platforms. I’m particularly fond of Twitter at the moment because I find people I follow leaving a lot of helpful and relatable articles and I could just read them on a whim while working. (Oh, and I’m doing this in between work because we all need a break, right? Just don’t tell my boss, okay?)

To Get To Good, You’ve Always Got To Accept Being Bad First

You can blame yourself for not being a better songwriter, a more talented author, or a more eagle-eyed editor (alliterations are my jam), but you’ll never instantly get more skilled just because you’re making yourself feel horrible.

In fact, beating yourself up over it just adds to the frustration and anxiety you’re already feeling. If you feel this way, here’s the single most important secret every creative should know: All work is iterative and incremental.

10 Ways to Become a Stronger Writer

Writing is a creative art, and writers need to tend to their imaginations like one would nurture a garden. You need to allow yourself to dream, because this is usually where your ideas come from. Set aside a little time each day to let your thoughts wander. Engage in activities that fuel your imagination.

Going Rates: Is The Freelancing Industry A Fair One?

While all of that sounds great, freelancing (like any other job) is still a flawed profession. Jobs come sporadically — there will be months of prosperity but there will also be a couple of weeks of living from paycheck to paycheck. The local freelancing arena, especially within the fashion and beauty industry, is quite competitive with more and more freelancers popping up out of nowhere and landing strings of gigs overnight.

The Disease of Being Busy

Tell me you remember you are still a human being, not just a human doing. Tell me you’re more than just a machine, checking off items from your to-do list. Have that conversation, that glance, that touch. Be a healing conversation, one filled with grace and presence.

Put your hand on my arm, look me in the eye, and connect with me for one second. Tell me something about your heart, and awaken my heart. Help me remember that I too am a full and complete human being, a human being who also craves a human touch.

Six Habits of Prolific Writers (and How to Make Them Yours)

Prolific writers know that writing time is sacred, and they don’t get precious about when or where they do it. Sure, some writers have hours of uninterrupted time to devote to their craft, but those writers who produce the most volume don’t wait for those continuous blocks of time. They squeeze in ten minutes while waiting for the water to boil. They draft a quick thought or idea on their phone in line at the post office. They find those pockets of time and place where they might otherwise be idle and turn them into moments of productivity.

Happy reading!

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